What on earth is going on around here? We have at least 50 "new members" that do not have a profile photo. Is there a problem posting photos? At first I thought maybe they were all spammers since we have had them in the past. However I looked at quite a few of them and they look like legitimate members. Just wondering if there has been some kind of change in the procedure?

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  • I noticed that too. I think maybe that with Rosco passing last week, Clark and Adina may not have noticed or had a chance to see what's going on with the new member sign-ups. 

    • Oh wow! I was not aware of that. Im so sorry to hear that! I knew he had surgery late last year but other than that I had not heard about Rosco.

  • I have been having LOTS of issues posting profile pictures! SO that's probably why!

  • I don't know if this is everyone's problem but my computer started compressing all my photos, documents, folders, etc, after a Windows update.  Anyway, you have to make sure they are un-compressed before uploading.

  • If you are using a high quality camera (I know most of us don't), the pixels are to great to upload a photo and you have to re-size it.  I change my profile photo often and there are lots of times that it won't work - nothing to do with to large of a photo file, but when I try on another day, it works.

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