I have always ordered my Proviable from Amazon.  In June, I ordered  an 80 count package of Proviable Capsules - the third party vender was Pets Care Centers.  I received an e-mail from Amazon this morning informing me that the Proviable I got from this third-party vendor could very well be counterfeit.  They refunded the money I had paid for it. 

I happened to have another box of Proviable capsules I quickly ordered in July while we were traveling and I needed some Clancy when he got sick. This order was filled by Amazon.com Services, Inc. 

I compared the two boxes and the only difference I could find was a slightly different shading in some of the pink markings AND on the bottom of the counterfeit box, the bar code was glued on and the 'real' box the bar code was embedded. I do not know if this is how one could tell the counterfeit from the real or if it is a coincidence.  But......

Just wanted to give you a heads up to check your boxes if you ordered from Amazon.  I do have to thank AMAZON for notifying and refunding me.  I never would have known - if it didn't work, I would have assumed my doodle needed a stronger probiotic.

We are leaving again tomorrow and I will buy plain unflavored yogurt and order it again -- probably not from Amazon though because I don't want to take the chance.

Now if only I'd get my Amazon refund for the shirt that didn't fit. :-}

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  • Chewy sells Proviable. 1800petmeds does too. 
    I think I may just call Nutramax and ask who they sell to; that way, you can use only the vendors who have the real thing. 

    • I’ll call. I did go to their  website. Didn’t help. Never thought to call. 

  • I just checked the one I ordered last month from Amazon. No stickers on my box so I assume it’s good. Will consider getting from 1800petmeds next time. Chewy unfortunately doesn’t ship to Hawai‘i. Thanks for the heads up!

  • I just looked for Proviable on 1800petmeds and couldn’t find it. Where did you see it?

  • I got some more from Amazon when we were camping and it has the embedded bar code.  I am so glad that I hadn't brought enough and had to order.   The newer was fulfilled by Amazon.

  • Thanks for posting this. My recent purchase from Amazon has the embedded code. Will keep an eye out in the future.

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