Puppy Ads on DK

One of the ways we support DK is with google ads.  A few years ago, there were very few google ads for doodle puppies.  I was able to block the ones that showed up quite well.  


Today there are a TON of doodle puppy ads.  When I go to block them, there are dozens and dozens and I haven't quite figured out a way to block ALL puppy ads in one fell swoop.  So they still show up.  Please know that it is not on purpose.  I have NOT made any "deal" with breeders and DK does not support any breeding programs or accept money from them in exchange for advertising.  These are shown by Google based on the content of our site as well as based on what you, the user, is interested in. 


If anyone has great skills in this area and knows a good way to effectively prevent all puppy ads from showing up, feel free to email me: admin@doodlekisses.com as I haven't been able to figure this out on my own.  

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