Toby started his transition to his adult coat a few months ago (started with his back)... I think he still has puppy hair on his head/legs though.  I was grooming him today and he still seems to have the downy "fluff" of a puppy in those two places and they seem very prone to matting lately, moreso than usual.

I can't for the life of me remember if the legs are the last to swap over.  Has it been like that for your pups?


Super unrelated but Riley turned 3 the other day :) Hard to believe she is 3 already!  No special treats due to her strict diet just lots of cuddles and play ;) 

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  • I can't answer your question about coat transition because I've never experienced it, lol, but Happy Birthday to Riley! I can't believe she's 3 already!

    • I think the coat transition really wasn't as obvious with Riley as it is with Toby.  She kept her undercoat and her top coat just sort of grew out more coarsely and a bit curlier.  Luna's did the same thing.

      I'm in uncharted waters with a super curly doodle.  I call him my little sheep ;)  


      • I don't know if this is any help, but Jasper's coat changed gradually from soft and loosely curly to woolly and very curly, and much thicker, without any hair loss or shedding, during the second half of his first year. It started on his lower back, I think his head and face were the last to get "harder", as the Poodle people call it. 

        • That is a help, thanks!  

          Toby definitely isn't shedding at all and it sounds like his coat is doing what Jasper's did.  The extra matting could just be from being in the pool a lot too.  I clipped him shorter which seems to be helping but I do keep his head a little longer than the rest, he looks a bit goofy with his head clipped short.

  • Milo's coat started the change closer to his tail along his back and moved toward his head. His tail and top knot is still not too curly/wirey yet.  Legs are somewhere in the middle.

    • Toby has that little bit of retriever in him so who knows if he will have a 100% poodle coat or retain some straighter hair in some places.  His body hair is certainly very poodle-like these days and tightly curled even at 1/2" long.

  • Happy Birthday to Riley!!!  Ned is the only doodle I've gone through the transition with.  I don't think he was typical because it took forevvvverr for him to completely change (like a year) but I don't remember that his legs were last. He has the most difficult coat ever.  It's like cotton so it still mats if you just look at him. :-}  Our current new sweetie - yes we got a new doodle of some sort, was a teen mom so while she should have been going through a coat change, she was having puppies.  I can't wait for her coat to get healthy again and see what she truly looks life.

    • That's Toby too! I swear he mats if I breathe on him lol.  

      I can't wait to see your new little one when she has had some time with you to flourish!

    • I bet the SOFTER the curls are the more cottony it is...but that's my guess.  Milo hasn't matted too easily so far, but I don't keep him very long.

  • For my case, I didn't notice the's really hard to distinguish but I remember his fur on his head getting lighter compared to the rest. Maybe it's really like that...the feet part is the last one to have newer hair. 

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