Does anyone have a golden doodle that resembles my lady? She is almost 9 weeks old, her snout is pretty flat but in just one week of having her, her coat is starting to get wavy especially her ears and top of her head. Is it still possible she will get more snout hair? She doesn't seem to have furnishings. 

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  • It's hard to tell from this picture, but I do think she might have furnishings. Although real curly hair on the head and ears is usually a sign of an open-face with no furnishings. I think you'll just have to wait and see. One thing I can tell you is that she is probably going to shed. Pretty coloring. 

  • I'm with Karen. It's hard to tell. Her coloring is very similar to my grand dog. He's about 6 months on his first beach trip in that photo. His coloring hasn't faded. I think he's about 8 now.10486585688?profile=RESIZE_400x

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    • I do think your granddog has more furnishings as a puppy. You can see a lot more furnishings above and between the eyes and on the muzzle, even in the 6 mo. photo. But I agree, the coloring is similar. 

      • He's always had some furnishings. I have photos of when he was adopted at about 3 months but they are on my computer. He's a huge shedder. 

  • I also think she has furnishings, but she's gonna take a while to fluff out.  She looks ALMOST like the open-face, but I think she has got 'em.


  • Her coat reminds me of my guys! Not sure how he will turn out though. (:


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