So our 2 month old bernedoodle has been with us for only one week. On Tuesday we gave her some small treats and she had diarrhea so we haven't done any more of those. She has only had food from the breeder I think it is blue diamond. Since Tuesday some of her stools have seemed normal, some loose but today she has had very watery diarrhea and vomited once that looks very foamy. We haven't established with a vet yet because of all this corona stuff. Would you guys just monitor at this point?


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  • So, I'm not one to run to the vet every time someone has one episode of vomiting or diarrhea (okay, well I am - but sometimes I have to talk myself out of it because we can't live at the vet!) But with a puppy that young I would err on the side of caution and take them in. 

    With puppies that young I worry about dehydration and low blood sugar. Plus the fact that she hasn't had all of her vaccines so she's susceptible to some scary stuff. And many puppies come home from the breeder with Giardia and Coccidia, which does need treatment if she has it. To me this would be a 'better safe than sorry' vet visit.

  • Every new puppy should go to the vet within the first three days after you get them, period. In fact, all decent breeders have that stated in their purchase contracts. Most of us pick out the vet we plan to use and set up an initial appointment before they even get home, for this reasdon.
    This puppy is in great danger of dehydrating, which at his age can be life threatening. And he most likely has giardia, coccidia, worms, or all of the above, none of which is going to go away on its own.
    Please get your puppy to a vet ASAP. 

  • Thanks guys. We went this afternoon and she tested negative for parvo but after bloodwork some kind of intestinal infection. So we did fluid, antibiotics, probiotics and prescription food to help with her gut. I'm glad we went. She is already acting much better after getting fluids. 

    • Just in case the vet didn;t tell you this, you must give the antibiotics and probiotics separately, at least 2 hours apart. And longer is better. And the antibiotics are most likely metronidazole (Flagyl), which can cause ongoing chronic diarrhea in puppies if you do not give a good probiotic for at least 2-4 weeks after the antibiotic is discontinued.
      Rx food is not necessary. It contains no medicinal or therapeutic ingredients, and is just a very expensive, very poor quality "bland diet". I'd try to get her off of that as soon as you can. In the future, a much better bland diet for puppies or dogs with digestive issues is a 50/50 mix of plain boiled white meat chicken and plain white rice or mashed sweet potatoes. 
      Did they run a fecal test, or just blood work? 

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