Puppy in blizzard

Ok Last week I introduced our new Whoodle puppy. 
today we are experiencing 18 plus inches of snow. 
the pup loves the snow but he comes in with little snow balls caked to his entire underside and all four limbs. 

the stuff is very hard to get off him, even with a brush. The hair dryer takes very long.  We had to put him in the bath/shower to thaw it out. 

any suggestions on removing snow from the hair or better yet, do any type or brand of dog snow jackets work or are they just a waste of time. 

we are used to the Labrador with a waterproof short coat. One shake and done. 

Keeping his coat shorter may help but is that bad in the winter?  

sorry for all the questions. 

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  • I am dealing with this now with my purebred Poodle. The only thing that works quickly is to stand him in the sink and rinse his legs and underside with warm water from the spray nozzle. 
    Otherwise, the options are the hair dryer, or just wrapping him in towels and rubbing/squeezing the ice balls until they melt. 
    I am going to look at snow pants myself. I have seen some that are open around the privates for potty purposes, and just cover the legs and the chest area.

    • We are doing the spray nozzle too. 
      That works fastest. But then we have to dry him out etc. 

      im going shopping for a snow suit tomorrow as soon as the roads are cleared. 

  • There's snow here from late November until April.  We've always just let our dogs melt (usually sleeping on a blanket or something to soak up the water).  If it's really bad I rub them a bit with a towel first and that knocks some of them off.

    It helps to keep the hair in between the paw pads trimmed short because I think the snowballs in there bother them for sure.  I always pick those out for my pups with my fingers.  The leg snowballs don't seem to bother them as much so we just let them melt on their own.

    The drawback to that is there are tiny  puddles all over the house but they're easy enough to wipe up.

    • Jack just melted. Jack didn't have a Poodle coat, lol. And Jack was tall enough to keep his belly and chest out of the snow. 
      Jasper was born in Minnesota in January, lol, and he's a jumper. He plows into this deep heavy snow up to his armpits, and he would stay out there all day if I let him. No matter how large a pathway I clear for him, he leaps into the deepest snow where I haven't shovelled, gets stuck momentarily, and then wiggles and squirms around in snow up to his back until he's free. He comes in with his entire body minus his back and head completely encased in big packed icy snow balls. They are really bad in his axillas. They stick to that wool coat like velcro, and the volume is mindboggling. It would not be tiny puddles, it would be rivers, lol. There's no way I could just let him melt, it would take hours. Plus, he's uncomfortable like that. He starts biting at his legs trying to get the ice balls off, and after a while, he shivers. You just have to see it to understand, lol.

      • Yeah that sounds pretty bad lol. 

        I may be in that situation with Toby eventually or maybe he will be tall enough that it'll be ok, he should be a bit taller than Luna was, around thigh height.  He's already 12.5 pounds at 12 weeks old.  He still has the super downy puppy coat so the snowballs don't stick too well (yet).  

        Maybe that's why Riley's snowball situtation isn't too bad,she's far enough off the ground that her belly is left mostly untouched.

        Aside from the snowsuit idea I think rinsing with warm water is probably the best way to go about it.

  • Now I see why doggy snow suits can be so helpful. 

    • I'm going to have to try the jacket. At 4 months, and still adjusting to his new home, if we don't take him out every 2-3 hours, he still has accidents. 
      So we are constantly taking him out and then de-snowing him. 

      his hair is actually getting long pretty fast. Its grown in the 2 weeks we've had him. 
      (also 2 pounds heavier)

      the wait for a groomer is 2+ months. And $70

      going to have to look into shears!!

  • This sounds really silly, and I haven't tried it. But on some of the facebook groups I'm in they recommend brushing the snow with a whisk. Like the kind you beat eggs with (I think that's what you do with a whisk, I don't cook.) I have no idea if it works, but I'm seeing people saying that it brushes the snowballs off of the dog. I read all sorts of interesting things on facebook.

    • "Interesting" is a polite word for the nonsense that passes for advice in the FB dog groups.
      Adina saw that same dumb advice about a whisk today and passed it along, lol. 
      I don't know what kind of dogs these people have, but a whisk wouldn't do anything for what I am talking about. Whisks don't brush, they whip. Last thing I am going to do is whip my dog with a kitchen utensil.
      I don;t know how you guys can stand those FB groups. 

      • It amuses me. And it doesn't hurt anything. It's a nice respite from the rest of the world. 

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