Puppy Update...

My breeder informed this week that the mama of "my" litter had an ultrasound and the vet thinks there will be at least 6 puppies in there.  Which give me hope!  For those who didn't listen to the short podcast episode I put out a little while ago, I'm waiting on a litter of standard poodle pups.  I'm hoping on a brown male from a litter that will have brown and black dogs.  The male is non-negotiable.  Brown I may bend on, if there is a black male that just has an amazing temperament available.  But if I can have all I want in a brown...that will be wonderful!

Just for fun here are some photos of beautiful brown poodles...




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  • Paws crossed for you to get your dream puppy. 


    • Thank you Jasper for letting your Mama cross your paws for me ;)

  • Good luck Adina.

    • Thanks F!

  • Exciting, good luck! :)

  • Congratulations! One of our doods, Scout, a beautiful chocolate goldendoodle. Godiva, his mother, was a lovely chocolate poodle and dad, Cadence, (short for Decadence) was a F2b chocolate GD. I love the chocolates! Hope you get one!

    • Thank you!  Browns are sooo pretty.  I have to be deliberate in using "brown" with poodles...haha...to be correct.  Only doodles get "chocolate" ;-) 

      I kind of prefer all the colors between black and white over black or white in poodles, anyway.  I was hoping for SOME kind of contrast with Boca's black coat.  But two black doggies playing/snuggling will be cute too.

    • Yes, there is no such thing as a "chocolate" Poodle. :)

  • I hope you get your brownie!  That 2nd photo has a gorgeous rich coat.

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