I  know there are a lot of puppies going around these days... how are your puppies doing?  How old?  How big? :)  Let's see!

Adult dogs too, I want to see how everyone's doing!

Little Toby has been home about 6 weeks and he's doing well.  He's almost 100% potty trained and Riley and him are definitely best buds.  He's doing really well with tolerating grooming, just did a feet/fanny trim today and he just lay down on the grooming table while I did his paws.  He's also doing well with socialization - we take him to our daughter's school during pick up time and the people and cars all over don't phase him at all.  

He really has a nice disposition even though he is in full-on puppy shark mode these days.  Riley is absolutely covered in scabs from Toby's attacks, I don't know how she has the patience to deal with all his biting.

Toby is about 16 pounds at 14 weeks old and going for his last shots next week.  Waiting for that 16-week guesstimate to see how big he's going to get!   He won't get anywhere near Riley's 75 lbs and 27" at the shoulder though... I'm guessing around 45 pounds.

Many silly noises were made to get them to sit still for half a second.  Look at those LONG poodle legs on Toby!


What they looked like during all my other unsuccessful picture attempts:


The aftermath:  an exhausted Riley enjoys some quiet time while Toby is napping elsewhere in the house.  This pic of her reminds me of memes I've seen of exhausted mothers dealing with toddlers, haha.  She has this look often like "WHY does he have to be like this!?"... but she loves him to pieces I can tell :)




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  • This is my puppy Quirky. She is a beautiful 9 month old F1 goldendoodle. Like her name she has the most quirky personality every. I don't know what would I do without her. I love her more than anything ever! Its just so fascinating how all my motherly instints came up as soon as we got her home. I cannot imagine my life without her anymore. 

    She has tons of friends. She goes to the dog park everyday to play with her 2 best friends. One of them is a portuguese water dog and the other is an Australian Sheppard. The same age as her! 8578641055?profile=RESIZE_930x

    She is about 50lb now. Initially she looked a lot like retriever but as she grows we see her changing so much. Everyone in this group is so supportive and has great advice! :) 8578593065?profile=RESIZE_930x8578635894?profile=RESIZE_930x8578639082?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • What a sweet little face she has :)  I love the "shaggy" look.  What fun that she has some friends to play with!  Our first doodle Luna had friends she saw every weekend at the dog park.  One of them turned out to be her half-brother which was super fun.

      It sounds like Quirky has a wonderful personality :)

    • She is beautiful!  Love the wavy coat

    • I love Quirky's scruffy look - my favorite doodle look.

  • Toby and Riley are SO ADORABLE!!!

    Our Sadie girl continues to grow and change....She's 19 weeks old now and is very tall, weighs in around 40 pounds. She is the MOST fun dog, such a great personality - we adore her! Her lab brother Jax continues to tolerate her shenanigans, and might even enjoy her presence most of the time. She is crate trained and pretty well potty trained, with a few very random accidents every now and then - she is great at ringing the bell to go out to potty.

    We've decided that Sadie is a 'business in the front, party in the back' sort of doodle, for now, lol! Her coat starting becoming very curly at her tail and back and has continued changing over all the way to her neck. Her coat has grown a bit longer on top, but you can't really tell because it curls, and her tail has fur/wispys that hang like a golden retriever. Now her coat is becoming very textured, almost a bit coarse. It has been the most interesting experience, and we're still wondering what we will have when she's an adult! The other odd thing is that there is very little shedding at all - I notice a bit of hair on her harness when I take it off her, but nothing much. I'm assuming the shedding will start once she's an adult? If there are any more predictions on her coat at this point, I would certainly love to hear them!! Regardless, we think she's beautiful and love her so much!

    Here are some photos I took this morning to show where her coat is at this point:


    • She is pretty curly in the back!  Super cute!

      Our flat-coated doodle Luna was less curly but she didn't really shed at all as a puppy then shed really heavily as an adult.  She had a double coat with both a shedding top coat and undercoat.  

      • Thanks for confirming, that's what I was thinking would happen. 

    • She's uniquely adorable!

  • Andie (Standard Poodle) is 17 weeks today and weighs 33.+ pounds.  He is starting to settle and is becoming the sweet laid back puppy the breedrr told me he would be.  He loves to play but also just likes to lay outside, look around and chew on grass tufts and anything else he can get his mouth on.  

    8585195268?profile=RESIZE_930xA little after breakfast play.

    8585260687?profile=RESIZE_930xThen he settles. 

    8585262289?profile=RESIZE_930xAnd takes a nap on my feet under the kitchen table. 


    Otis retired 2 weeks ago and has been a big help taking care of Andie.

    • Andie is so adorable :)  What is his colour in "official" terms?  Light apricot?  I'm sure there's some fancier name for it.  

      Waiting for Toby to settle down a bit, he is in 100% shark mode these days haha.  He is super snuggly though.

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