I  know there are a lot of puppies going around these days... how are your puppies doing?  How old?  How big? :)  Let's see!

Adult dogs too, I want to see how everyone's doing!

Little Toby has been home about 6 weeks and he's doing well.  He's almost 100% potty trained and Riley and him are definitely best buds.  He's doing really well with tolerating grooming, just did a feet/fanny trim today and he just lay down on the grooming table while I did his paws.  He's also doing well with socialization - we take him to our daughter's school during pick up time and the people and cars all over don't phase him at all.  

He really has a nice disposition even though he is in full-on puppy shark mode these days.  Riley is absolutely covered in scabs from Toby's attacks, I don't know how she has the patience to deal with all his biting.

Toby is about 16 pounds at 14 weeks old and going for his last shots next week.  Waiting for that 16-week guesstimate to see how big he's going to get!   He won't get anywhere near Riley's 75 lbs and 27" at the shoulder though... I'm guessing around 45 pounds.

Many silly noises were made to get them to sit still for half a second.  Look at those LONG poodle legs on Toby!


What they looked like during all my other unsuccessful picture attempts:


The aftermath:  an exhausted Riley enjoys some quiet time while Toby is napping elsewhere in the house.  This pic of her reminds me of memes I've seen of exhausted mothers dealing with toddlers, haha.  She has this look often like "WHY does he have to be like this!?"... but she loves him to pieces I can tell :)




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    • She's adorable.

    • 💕 Thanks for the update! Love those little naked puppy monkey paws. 

    • Riley was definitely giving us the cold shoulder when Toby came home, especially DH, she was definitely mad at him.  She wouldn't let DH pet her if he was near Toby and wasn't interested in her usual pre-bedtime snuggles on our bed (she likes to sleep on the floor).  They are definitely BFFs now and it's super cute.

      It sounds like Ruby is doing great and she is so, so cute!  :)  Her little paws look so soft.

    • Ruby not only has one of my favorite names, she has my favorite dog color.  She's really beautiful.

  • Update after vet visit.. Toby is actually 17 pounds at 14.5 weeks old :p  Growing so fast!  He's doubled his weight in the 6 weeks he's been home.

    AND for the first time ever he didn't get carsick on the drive home from the vet!  Good job Toby!

    • Way to go little Toby!  They usually lose that car sickness.

      • Yes, Riley had a bit of that too when she was little.  The vet mentioned that Toby would probably grow out of it since it seemed to be related to anxiety from being in the car.  He's been getting less and less anxious since we've been taking him to pick up our daughter from school every day, looks like it's working!   The vet trip was just extra long (30 mins each way) compared to our usual school pick up trip (10 mins each way) so more time to build up those stress hormones.

    • Hooray for Toby!

  • Hi everyone! Roux is 16 weeks! She's doing great! She seems to be going through some coat changes, she lost some of her fluffiness but we're hoping she'll get it back and hopefully grow out longer.

    However, were having some trouble transitioning her from her puppy pads to outside. She got really really good at her puppy pads and rarely had accidents and if she did it was just because she barely missed the pad. Now that she has her shots we've been trying to get her to go outside but any time she has to go we take her and it's like she refuses to go or is just way to distracted with everything outside to even want to go. I feel like she may have become TOO used to her puppy pads.

    This is Roux at about maybe 10ish weeks.


    Roux now


    • She is so sweet!  I think Luna (our former F1 goldendoodle) went through a coat change around the 4 month mark.  She was losing her puppy fluff and growing her adult coat starting on her back.  Riley our bernedoodle it wasn't as obvious because she was much fluffier and she just sort of.. got fluffier lol.

      I've never used pee pads to train but what if you take a pee pad outside and have her pee there to start?  Something familiar to give her the cue that she needs to go.  Are you taking her out on leash when she goes out?  While we were first training Toby outside he was always on leash to minimize distractions.  

      She looks like she is getting big!  So cute!

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