I  know there are a lot of puppies going around these days... how are your puppies doing?  How old?  How big? :)  Let's see!

Adult dogs too, I want to see how everyone's doing!

Little Toby has been home about 6 weeks and he's doing well.  He's almost 100% potty trained and Riley and him are definitely best buds.  He's doing really well with tolerating grooming, just did a feet/fanny trim today and he just lay down on the grooming table while I did his paws.  He's also doing well with socialization - we take him to our daughter's school during pick up time and the people and cars all over don't phase him at all.  

He really has a nice disposition even though he is in full-on puppy shark mode these days.  Riley is absolutely covered in scabs from Toby's attacks, I don't know how she has the patience to deal with all his biting.

Toby is about 16 pounds at 14 weeks old and going for his last shots next week.  Waiting for that 16-week guesstimate to see how big he's going to get!   He won't get anywhere near Riley's 75 lbs and 27" at the shoulder though... I'm guessing around 45 pounds.

Many silly noises were made to get them to sit still for half a second.  Look at those LONG poodle legs on Toby!


What they looked like during all my other unsuccessful picture attempts:


The aftermath:  an exhausted Riley enjoys some quiet time while Toby is napping elsewhere in the house.  This pic of her reminds me of memes I've seen of exhausted mothers dealing with toddlers, haha.  She has this look often like "WHY does he have to be like this!?"... but she loves him to pieces I can tell :)




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        • Strange about his nose color.  It darkened quite a bit to almost black judging by the pics his breeder sent me.  Then she started letting the litter go outside and his nose lightened again.   Snow nose?  Haley's nose did this every winter.  Guess I will have to wait and see.

          • Same thing with Jack's nose, too, but I always thought it was from the Lab side. Must be Poodles, too. 

          • Toby has a bit of brown on his nose, not sure if snow nose or just not fully filled in with black yet.

            Luna definitely had snow nose and it went quite light during the Winter, never quite went back to black in the Summer.

            Riley's nose is a super solid black which makes sense since the snow nose thing seems to happen mostly in reddish-coloured dogs (or dilutions of reddish colours). 

            You can sort of see the lightening of Toby's nose here, compared to Riley's jet black nose.  Riley's nose was "freckled" black/pink as a puppy but it slowly filled in to solid black.  She still has freckles in her skin in some areas, especially her paws and belly.

              It'll be interesting to see how she changes as she ages, she seems to be acquiring some more white hairs interspersed with her black but with the exception of some fading on her cheek area her hairs are either jet black or pure snow white, nothing in between.



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