• Because she's a mixed breed there is really no way to know her adult size. A good guess is to get her weight at 16 weeks, double it and add or subtract about 5 pounds. 
    If the same mother and father have had other litters, and if the breeder has been in contact with the buyers, you might make a guess by knowing how big those pups grew to be. 

    •  I'd say for "most" dogs the doubling thing at 16w is pretty accurate but it really depends on the parent breeds.  Toby is mostly poodle so he runs skinnier than "average" (he's also just very slim even for a poodle) but Riley is half Bernese mountain dog so she is above what that formula "expects".

      Toby was about 11 pounds at 10w old and he's about 38 lbs now.  16w old he was about 21 lbs so the doubling formula didn't quite work for him as he is less than double that weight - he is very skinny as an adult.

      Riley was about 15 pounds at 10w old and she's about 75 lbs now.  16w old she was about 31 lbs, so the doubling formula (+5 lbs) didn't work for her, she has a heavy frame and gained a lot of muscle as adult.

      The two dogs are only about 4-6" different in height at the shoulder but Riley weighs about double what Toby does. :p  



      • I think the doubling thing works best on the average (standard) size dogs. I think it's the growth time- minis reach maturity sooner and huge dogs need longer growing  time. 

  • As to coat, most doodles get wavier or curlier in their adult coat. Your puppy's lovely coat is pretty straight right now so I doubt she'll get very curly. 

  • These are all questions we can only guess on!  I would say she'll be under 60 lbs and closer to Mom's weight but maybe a bit heavier.  I'm less familiar with guessing height.  Retrievers and poodles are very different in height at the same weight so it will depend which breed she takes after in terms of being more stocky or more lanky.  Her coat will be scruffy like a doodle, but probably not curly and looks like a shedder to me.  But only time will tell.

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