Quarantine Times

I have suddenly found myself worrying about the future Of my three year old GD Clancy. My wife and I are in our seventies which puts us in the high risk zone for the Corona virus. Although we have not exhibited any indications of illness there seems to be a reasonable chance of one or both of us becoming infected and hospitalized. What options are available for Clancy? We have no friends or neighbors who could take care of our beloved pup. Has anyone given any thought to this predictament? Are there any foster organizations in Albuquerque, NM ? What would you do?

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  • If it's a temporary thing, boarding is the answer. Boarding kennels are considered essential right now. Many vets' offices also board dogs.
    If it's not temporary, God forbid, there are a couple of doodle rescue groups that are nationwide, but they do not currently have any foster homes in NM. There is also a doodle rescue group in TX, which could have foster homes within driving distance of you. 
    I am also certain that there are all breed rescues in your area, which you can locate through Petfinder. You can also have a discussion with your vet about options. Some vets will rehome patients who have lost their people.
    Of course, if you bought Clancy from a good breeder, it should be in your purchase agreement/contract that he/she will take him back at any point in his life if you cannot care for him. However, very few doodle breeders are actually there for you in that kind of event. I know because I am a co-founder of Doodle Rescue Collective.
    I am fortunate in that I have always had family members who love my dogs and would take care of them if anything ever happened to me. 
    We did have a discussion about this years ago here, let me see if i can find it for you. 

  • Oh, and no rescue organization can or will take dogs on a temporary basis. They must be surrendered and you will not get them back. 

    • Thank you K J&J


  • I'm so sorry that we are even having to think about this!!  I am fortunate to know that my son and my daughter would be fighting over who gets to take Duffy.  They both adore him and he loves them.  It's so good for you to be questioning and making a plan.  Stay home and stay safe!!

  • Well you can't search members by State anymore (unless I'm missing something) but I was going to suggest searching the Doodlekisses members for someone in your area that might be able to help you out. 

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