Can anyone give me a general "ballpark" amount for pet insurance? My next door neighbor (who doesn't own a computer) wants to get pet insurance and asked me to help her find prices. I don't want to be inindated by all of the different insurance companies after her decision is made. I do remember looking into pet insurance when my boys first came home, but found that the price was totally prohibitive with 7 dogs in our house. So instead of getting pet insurance, I started putting about ½ that amount in a special account every month. Thankfully, we haven't needed it (yet) and I now have enough saved to buy a small car - so feel sure it would take care of any vet bills. We will keep saving, though as long as we have the critters.  Anyway - I don't think this is a feasible plan for my neighbor, so trying to help her out with an idea about pet insurance. Can anyone help?

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  • Lots of good discussions on Pet Insurance. Start with the latest posts.

    I pay about $150 a quarter for 2 doodles, with PetPlan

  • I'm with Pet Plan and my Doodles are ages 6 and 7.  I pay $700 for one and $800 for the other annually.  They both have had some significant claims, so that may have something to do with the cost.  It was much lower when they were younger.  It also varies by state....because vet costs also vary depending on location.

  • I'm with Healthy Paws and I pay $38/month or $456 annually.  There's a $100 deductible.  Finn is 5 and I think the original premium was $31/mo.

  • I Have Healthy Paws. I pay $23 a month with a 80% coverage and $250 annual deductible. I think I used DK and Costco to get a discount on the rate. She is less than 2yrs old, so it would probably be more for an older dog.That is for unlimited lifetime coverage, no caps.

  • Thank you all so much. That should give her a good idea.  I know that when I first looked into it - I would have had to pay over 600.00 a month to cover all of my critters - but she only has 1 young pup, so should easily afford the insurance.

  • I pay $358/year for Jaxson with Pet Plan.  He is 1 years old.

  • Hi, I have Trupanion for Paz and my premiums are 48.00 per month for full coverage. I love Trupanion because they have been paying 90% of all Paz's treatment costs for lymphoma, and there is no cap.

  • I have Pet's Best for Malcolm who's 4.5. I pay about $23/month. payment is 80% and I have a per-incident $100 ded. May time for me to update my policy.

  • A lot of it has to do with where you live and what type dog you have as well.  You can play with the price by having a higher or lower deductible and a larger or smaller percentage of payment.

  • Healthy Paws is similar to the rest of these.  After the deductible, 90% of actual costs are covered ; no cap. But your annual checkup and annual shots are not covered. 

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