Yogi was going down the steps of our RV and caught his nail in one of the holes that are in the steps.  It ripped the entire nail off, leaving just quick exposed. He licked it a lot the first day.  I’ve since kept it wrapped in guaze with a triple antibiotic.

when I got home today the wrap was off, he is leaving it alone now.  Anyone have experience with this?

Wonder if I should leave it open now or not until the nail grows back.

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  • Ouch! Wondering if Yogi should see the vet, I hope it heals well.

  • Ouch!  Poor baby.  Let us know how he heals and if you consult a vet.

  • Gavin lost a good portion of his nail once exposing the quick. I did my best to keep it clean by soaking it in epsom salt and water  3-4 times per day. It healed quickly, I will try and post a pic. 3367074733?profile=original

  • Banjo did this jumping off a patio chair.   He never even whimpered...and I would not have know, but for all the blood.    We cleaned it, dried well, put on antibiotic and covered with qauze and  a sock.   I duct tape the sock around his leg.    I changed it several times a day.    Did this for 4-5 days and kept him somewhat quiet.    We did a lot of inside time.    I kept him mostly inside except for potty breaks for a good week.     It healed just fine.    Hope Yogi does well.    You might want to cover it just to keep it clean...but, I don't know if that's necessary. 

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