It took me long time to finally read The Art of Racing In The Rain as I knew it would make me cry, but I finally read it, I sat down and read it from cover to cover yesterday. I am glad I had a box of tissues next to me. It was such a bittersweet book. I would like to think that my fur kids are as wise as Enzo.

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  • I loved this book, too.

  • Can't read this, just read the book description on Goodreads and I don't think I could get through it without sobbing like I do during Hallmark commercials.

    • I know, I am a weeper too. It is the reason it took me so long to read the book.
    • I am a crier too!  I loved this book, so very sweet...and ditto the commercials LOL

  • I enjoyed it, but it was a bit too 'fantasy' like for me (the whole Enzo being reincarnated) to really feel connected to it.  I did love Enzo and it was very heartwarming to see his love for his family.  It was a GOOD story and very enjoyable read. I don't think my dogs have that kind of wisdom or insight.  They are pretty much simple dogs with big hearts.

  • Such a great book!!!

  • Great book.  Tears, yes, but good tears!!

  • When I was in the hospital in CO last year, one of my nurses that I became friends with told me about this book, I immediately downloaded it to my iPad as I was bored and stuck out there for so long.. I never finished reading it.. I may pick it back up when I go back in a few weeks... 

  • I really liked it too....maybe time for a "reread".

  • I loved it too but it made my heart ache when I looked at my dogs for a while and thoguht about them not being around forever.

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