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Hello everyone! 2 weeks ago we got phin neutered. That procedure went well and phin has made almost a full recovery. He went in for his follow up and the vet was very happy with his incision and how it was healing. This leads me to the reason of this discussion. Our other dog yeti took an interest to phins incision about 2 days ago (after leaving it alone for almost 2 weeks). He would not stop trying to lick it. I thought maybe it had an odor of some sort and he was trying to “clean” it for phin. I brought it up to our doctor and she didn’t seem overly concerned. He has shown much less interest in his incision, but will NOT stop humping phin. He is relentless. Every time they are out of their kennels yeti mounts him instantly. (Keep in mind they are usually out of their kennels together but this behavior has gotten so bad we have had to start keeping one out and one in) Before the procedure both dogs would occasionally hump each other here or there when excited but I never considered it a problem. I am curious if anyone has experienced this and may have some helpful ideas on how to get it to stop. Any help or insight would be sooo greatly appreciated by myself, my fiancé and phin!

side note: yeti went to the groomer last week (without phin because he was still recovering) and there was a female in heat there. Is that potentially causing the problem? (Yeti is not fixed yet)

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I mean it's over now and it didn't seem to affect her much whatever it was; maybe it was just a low dose.  Will definitely keep it in mind should she need surgery again.

Yes, I don;t mean to imply that you should worry about now. But good to keep in mind for future reference. 

for pain we were given carprofen for 4 days

I think the meds are often to make the owner feel better. Then you have the opposite extreme - my old vet who didn't send any meds home with them. They said they gave them some sort of pain shot that would be enough. I'm a terrible mom who never thought to ask what it was. And the dogs did seem to do okay without anything else, but it would have made me feel better if I thought she had good pain control.

Trazodone - you almost had it right! That's what my vet says he prescribes after surgery if they need a little something to settle them down so they don't injure themselves.

Oh! I thought it was tramadol. Different medication. 

Does trazadone do anything for pain?

From what I understand no, it's basically an antidepressant/anti-anxiety medication.. so now I don't know which pain med she was on lol.  Oh well, no side effects at all so whatever it is was appropriately dosed for her :p

Haley takes trazadone for thunderstorm anxiety.   He got really stoned and actually staggered around on the 100mg pill so I cut it in half.  It takes the edge off so he can better tolerate thunderstorms. 

very interesting! i wish they would have sent us home with that instead. were really struggling with him. he gets out of his cone and the shirt we wrapped him up in. while i was at work he got to his spot (his fur around the area is damp so of course now im a nervous wreck

Yes, trazadone would have been a much better choice than ACE. 
Maybe call your vet and ask for that instead?
How is he getting out of the cone?

Karen i plan on going to the vet later this morning as yeti just won’t leave his incision alone. He got out of the shift again (hence the weird hours haha) and has mastered getting the cone off. If I could convince them to give us trazadone instead do you think this would be safe to give him for the next 4-5 days while the spot heals up a decent amount? It seems to bother him way more than phin was bothered by it (phin didn’t touch his spot once that we know of while yeti can’t seem to leave it alone) I don’t want anything bad happening to it over night or while we are at work. 

You may need a bigger cone. Jasper had one littermate who would not leave her incision alone and they put extensions on the cone. It was actually pretty funny, she looks like a lamp. So her dad turned her into one for a joke:



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