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Hello everyone! 2 weeks ago we got phin neutered. That procedure went well and phin has made almost a full recovery. He went in for his follow up and the vet was very happy with his incision and how it was healing. This leads me to the reason of this discussion. Our other dog yeti took an interest to phins incision about 2 days ago (after leaving it alone for almost 2 weeks). He would not stop trying to lick it. I thought maybe it had an odor of some sort and he was trying to “clean” it for phin. I brought it up to our doctor and she didn’t seem overly concerned. He has shown much less interest in his incision, but will NOT stop humping phin. He is relentless. Every time they are out of their kennels yeti mounts him instantly. (Keep in mind they are usually out of their kennels together but this behavior has gotten so bad we have had to start keeping one out and one in) Before the procedure both dogs would occasionally hump each other here or there when excited but I never considered it a problem. I am curious if anyone has experienced this and may have some helpful ideas on how to get it to stop. Any help or insight would be sooo greatly appreciated by myself, my fiancé and phin!

side note: yeti went to the groomer last week (without phin because he was still recovering) and there was a female in heat there. Is that potentially causing the problem? (Yeti is not fixed yet)

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That's a really big cone! You're making me nervous over here. I have Willow's spay and gastropexy scheduled for September. She'll have a larger incision than just the regular spay. I'm going to take some time off work so I can supervise, but good grief! I really think that all of the products are fine, but close supervision is the key. I think once they start messing with it it bothers them more and then they mess with it more. It's a hard cycle to break once they've decided that it's bothering them. 

Yep. They get it wet, which makes it itch more, and it gets inflamed. Jasper set his healing back several days before I got a cone that kept him from reaching the incision. But I know that soft cone did not work for his brother. His brother, however, didn;t seem as bothered by the incision as Jasper was, so they were able to manage with just the onesies. Now that I think of it, I wonder if they gave him something to tranquilize him.

They're all so different. 

We didn't use a cone for any of our dogs and they never messed with the incisions EXCEPT my mom's rescue - later adopted out - who absolutely couldn't leave it alone no matter what cone was used.  He tore the stitches out several times and the incision became infected.  There really seems not to be a way to know beforehand.

All joking aside, I guess you have to do whatever it takes. I'm not sure that trazadone is going to keep him from messing with the incision. As I understand it, it's meant to keep them calmer and not jumping around; it isn;t going to stop the incision from bothering him or stop him from licking it. I think you have to find a way to make it impossible for him to get to it.

i went out and got him a cone this morning as soon as the pet store opened up! he is a very sad doodle but so far so good. im hoping that he doesnt find a way out of it. we stopped at the vet along the way and our vet tech said despite his licking, the incision looks really good so thats good news!

That is good news! I hope things go more smoothly now. 

Trazodone didn't do much to Riley, it just kind of mellowed her out a bit.  I suspect she is just one of those dogs not bothered by the incision.  If your dog is the kind to lick an injury they would have to be pretty heavily medicated to stop bothering it so mechanical things like cones make more sense.

Phin got neutered about a month ago and didnt bother his incision once so we were SO hopefully Yeti would follow suit. Phin is such an easy dog compared to Yeti so i dont know why i thought he would be easy through this lol. We got a "donut" collar for Phin just incase, but didnt end up needing it, so we tried it on Yeti. He had it off in a minute. So we put a shirt on him the first night and he did great. (i suspect he was still a little drugged up) Yesterday he kept getting out of his shirt, and last night I was up half the night trying to keep him from licking it. First thing this morning we went to the vet (who was out of cones) and she said his incision does look good for him licking it. We went and grabbed the cone above from a pet store here in town and so far so good. Im praying this does the trick at least for the next 3-5 days.



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