Anyone know if its possible to change the order of your album photos? I've tried editing the album and moving the photos around on the editing page, but it always goes back to the original order. Do I need to delete the album and try uploading the pics again? I do a slideshow of my puppy's weekly growth progression, and its all out of sequence. It gives me a headache to watch Thanks!

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  • Yes, what you did was correct. Did you hit "save" at the end though?
  • I am trying to see how to change the order of my albums or choose which ones to have on my page. I will keep playing around until I figure it out. I think you should be able to change the order of your pictures by editing your album; put the picture back and then put it on again in another place. I think this worked for me.
  • Hey, thanks guys! There was one step I was missing... I had to go in and edit 'My Photos' on My Page to select 'Display: Slideshow', 'From (the album I wanted displayed)'. Seems my slideshow was previously set to display from all of my photos and not from an album. I KNEW there had to be a way!
    Thanks again.
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