Hi all,

We currently have a 3.5 year old golden doodle, named Jake, who is a joy and I love so much.  We have an opportunity to get a cockapoo in about 8 to 10 weeks, mom is in labor now.

My hesitation is two fold...

1.  Jake doesn't really love other dogs and hasn't had much experience with other dogs for a variety of reasons.  He had a vaccine reaction so we don't go to dog parks and he hasn't been to daycare, he does have his titers checked and they are fine tho.  The little interaction he does have he is quite uncomfortable, not aggressive, just uneasy.

Can he accept another dog in our house or is this going to be a fiasco?

2.  He is my fur baby and I don't want him to love me less or feel less loved if we bring home another pup.  I realize this is probably crazy, but I just can't help but worry about it.

Reassure me fellow doodle and dog lovers or tell me this is a terrible idea...

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  • I think your concerns are very valid, particularly the ones about Jake not being great with other dogs. Some dogs are happiest as "onlies". Jackdoodle definitely was.

    So...what are the pros in bringing a new puppy into your home? Why do you want another one? Not saying it's a terrible idea, just wondering what benefits you are hoping for in getting another pup. Because like anything else, when faced with a tough decision, you have to look at both the pros and the cons. :) 

    • Honestly the biggest pro for us is that we have wanted to add another pup for awhile now for both our enjoyment and the hopes that the new pup and Jake would enjoy each other's company.

      • Well, eventually Jake and the puppy might enjoy each other's company, but probably not for a good long time, lol. It doesn't sound like he would be thrilled by a new pup in his territory. Even dogs who love other dogs and spend lots of time playing with them at parks, daycare, etc. are often unhappy for awhile when a new dog enters their home and they have to share attention, affection, food, toys, etc. They almost all do eventually make peace with each other, and sometimes become friends, although there's no guarantee of the latter. But you have to really, really really want another one and be prepared for some squabbles and sulking, as well as the fact that they may never be besties. If you do it, it needs to be for you. 

        • We really want to add another.

          I guess I just need some reassurance that it's possible and that Jake won't hate me... Only sort of kidding.

          • He won't hate you. But it will rock his world, so be prepared for that. :) 

          • He won't hate you.  

            I think if you're willing to put in the work and stress, you can at least train Jake to tolerate the pup.  If that is all you can get, is that ok?  

            • I don't want him to hate me and I don't want him to be a danger to the puppy.  I want, at some point, to be able to leave them home together without worrying he's going to kill or maim the puppy.

              There will be a size difference between the two.  Jake is 60# and the pup will be about 15# full grown.

              He is my baby, but I think I can have another baby too, I just don't want him to hate me.

              • He won't hate you. Dogs don't think like that. He might be jealous, he might not love the puppy, but I don't think they can make the connection: I'm mad at my mom because she brought home a puppy and I wanted to be an only dog. 

                I know I'm very overprotective, but with a size difference like that I wouldn't ever be comfortable leaving them loose alone together. I just imagine too many accidents that can happen. But that may just be me.

                • 3438483143?profile=original3438484134?profile=originalMy daughter has an 80 pound lab and a Yorkie mix.  He protects her.  She used to have some male tiny poodle mix with the lab.  He loved him.  All of our dogs respect the little ones when they visit. I agree that I'd never leave any two dogs together until you knew they wouldn't hurt each other, no matter the size.

          • I'm sure he won't hate you, there is no guarantee he won't hate the puppy though.  

            I think it's a bit like bringing home a new human sibling... an adjustment period, a little jealousy and some teaching about how to interact with the new addition.  Biggest difference is you can't warn a dog ahead of time that the new little one is coming home.  

            As Adina and Karen said he may not be besties with pup but you can probably at least get them to be decent roommates.

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