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Finally!  Going to get a discussion started with good (and safe) dog treats!


As a reminder, any treats made from a company listed in our Recommended Foods list will work, so I am not going to list them here. Visit this link for those brands:


In addition to our recommended food brands, the following are good treat companies:


Bocce's Bakery:



Diggin' Your Dog:

Etta Stays:

Fresh is Best:


Get Naked:

Healthy Partners:

Jones Naturals:

Northern Biscuit:

Old Mother Hubbard:

Pet Kind:

Plato Pet Treats:

Polkadog Bakery:

Pure Bites:

Real Meat Pet:

Salmon Paws:

Sam's Yams:

Spot Farms Pet:

Trader Joe's:

Tucker's Bones (chicken jerky that is safe!):

Tyson's True Chews:


Wet Noses:



Please, if anyone has suggestions or additions, comment here, so we can get them added, research, etc...


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I have a recurring order for the chicken Purebites 11.6 oz from amazon. It is way cheaper than buying them in the local store and my girls love them!

My local Pet Supplies Plus matches Chewy & Amazon's pricing. 

I buy Pure Bites liver treats from Amazon too.

Some how I haven’t received the comments for this discussion until today.  What antlers were you discussing that clean teeth?  Ned’s vet just commented that his teeth need cleaning. I’d rather try a chew product than put him under anesthesia.  

Any antler that the dog scrapes his teeth against (gnawing) will help, as will any other hard, non-sticky chew, such as marrow bones, thick braided bullies or beef tendons, or non-edible Nylabones. In the olden days, my Mini Poodle chewed rawhide like crazy and she had the most gorgeous, white, tartar-free teeth you ever saw. Never cleaned once in almost 16 years, and that's saying something considering that small Poodles are notorious for having bad teeth. 

We quit the antlers and the bones when Ned broke a molar.  We still have a couple but none of the dogs will touch them - maybe they are too old? We do have Nylabones and they all gnaw on them daily.  Perhaps I need to get his teeth cleaned - I don't like putting dogs under anesthetic.

A brand to add to the list maybe for Canadian doodles (unsure if they are sold in the U.S.).  Been using their antlers and yak chews for years, just never thought to post here. 

This 'n that Canine Co.

These look great. I'ver never seen them in the U.S.

I saw Nudges chicken jerky treats at one of the big subscription stores yesterday. It says USA chicken, made in USA, and it looks like Tyson is the manufacturer. I know there have been issues with chicken jerky treats, so I was too chicken (haha) to buy it, but I thought I would check and see what you think! I eat a lot of Tyson's chicken myself.

Um, no. 
For one thing, Tyson makes True Chews, which are widely available and are on our recommended list. They also are not loaded with rice, (they contain NO rice or grains) which the Nudges treats are.  Did you look at the Nudges ingredients? 

Chicken, ground rice, vegetable glycerin, sugar, natural flavors, distilled vinegar, salt, natural smoke flavor, colored with paprika, glucosamine hydrochloride, chondroitin sulfate.
No sugar in True Chews, either. 

So if you want chicken jerky made by Tyson, the True Chews are a much better choice. Why Tyson feels the need to have more than one line of jerky treats, I don;t know, but I strongly suspect it has something to do with price point. And when a company makes a cheaper, poorer quality version of something they are already selling, that's usually not a good thing. 
Chicken jerky treats are very iffy. There have been recalls, illnesses and deaths from USA made & sourced chicken jerky treats in the past, and not just once. Stick with the higher end stuff, this is not something that you want to save money on.
And since you are my friend and know me, lol, I feel comfortable lecturing you about even looking at dog food or treats at a "big subscription store". Stop that! 

Oh, good. My instincts were on for once. I didn't look at the ingredients, I assumed that it would just be chicken. Dumb assumption. But I picked them up and worried that it would kill the girls and put it back. If it makes you feel better, I really wasn't looking for treats. One time I found a great deal on a multi pack of the big nylabones and I was looking for more. Of course they are gone.

I need to just stick with our Pure Bites and Stewarts freeze dried chicken liver. It's a hit and I know it's safe. I just can't multi task those treats in with discount socks.

Exactly. And one of many reasons I don't shop at warehouse stores, lol.



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