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This has been extremely difficult, I just wanted to share a bit about Toby as today is his birthday he would be 11 years old today. I struggle every single day with losing him, I have not been able to go a single day without crying for him. There is such a huge hole in my heart... I miss him so much. I even called a meeting with the Dr's about 3 weeks ago, still trying to comprehend all of this. Toby was Mr Personality, he was goofy, he was so loving, although it took him most of 10 years to finally get out of puppy mode, he was so full of energy and loved life. My husband and I had decided when we got him that I could be a stay at home doodle mom. I am so grateful for that as I loved every minute spent with him. He struggled with severe seizures over the years, but we were committed to being by his side and providing the best possible care we could give him. He may not have been perfect for everyone, but he was perfect for us! I loved to take him in the yard and play. He loved his walks. He loved the snow. He loved his car rides! He was so easy going. I wanted to share a couple pictures, especially the one of him running towards me in the yard...he had the biggest smile! I had a canvas made of this picture for our living room wall. I loved his peek a boo pictures. He did play peek a boo with us. He loved carrying some of his toys around the yard. I hold on tight to the memories, I will always have the thousands of pictures I took of him, but still struggling with going through them right now. Wishing my precious boy a very Happy Birthday! I hope he is running around celebrating with all his doodle friends, siblings, and his brother Kachi today that have also crossed over the rainbow bridge! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers the last couple months. 

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Sorry for your loss. You were the best Mom for Toby❤️   I think people that don’t understand either don’t have a dog, or theirs is not a “heart” dog.  Some people have a dog, but it’s not a family member like your Toby was.  

You had a great love and devotion for your doodle. He was a lucky dog. 



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