Remington is turning 2 in a month and I am throwing him a party at a local dog friendly bar. 

I want to bake him a cake, as well as baking treats to put in goodie bags for all his canine friends that attend. 

Wondering if anyone has any suggestions on the best recipes? I am a bit of a perfectionist, and would love to decorate the cake with a fondant like substance ( fondant being too sugary to use for the dogs) but haven't found a good recipe to use yet!


There is a bakery in my area that I could use...and here is a picture of one of their cakes...but I'd really like to try to make it special and do it on my own! (and not spend a ton of $$$)

Thanks in advance!

Allison and Remi


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  • The Food Group would be a good place to look for recipes. Have fun with it! I loved making pupcakes for my guys birthdays.

    • Yes, looking in the group now for treat recipes!

      More so looking for help to create a cake like the one pictured and finding a dog friendly fondant recipe.

      But thank you for your help!

    • DK Cookbook Group is actually where most of the recipes are. :)

  • There's always google and Pinterest. My daughter found organic Smash Cakes for her twins first birthday. I'd imagine you can find a dog friendly fondant there. Send pictures.

  • A friend of mine just founded a cake mix for dogs.

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