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     I am fostering a
Labradoodle that was to be euthanized this week..If anyone knows of
anyone looking for a labradoodle she is a real sweetie! She is 2 years
old gray with a white chest. She does not have a real thick coat but
could be just undernourished as she was under weight and full of fleas
and ticks when i got her. She is house broken, she can
sit...shake...high 5, down and roll over!

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She looks like a cute Doodle!! You are so nice to rescue her....
She reminds me of a Wheaten Terrier also
Yes she does a little, but taller and she is gray...her face has a little tan on it. Her coat is real soft..
Gracie was adopted yesterday....Whoohoo! She went to a family with 2 young children. I was so proud of her last night...she has the best manners and was so good with their children. Thank you to the Henson family!
Great job Mandi ..... another happy ending!
Terrific! Good job.
We are LOVING Gracie! Thank you for telling me about DoodleKisses! :) I think we found ourselves a GEM in Gracie! She is the perfect addition to our family! So gentle! EXCELLENT with the kids -- no issues! And comepletely trained! Wow! I keep pinching myself!!!
I can't tell you how much it means to me to know she is safe and happy...and being so good. Sounds like she knows she has found the right home too!
Yay! So glad to hear that Gracie found her perfect forever home!
Excellent. She is so cute, and very lucky to have been rescued and rehomed by you.
Great news! Thanks Mandi for saving a dood and placing her with a great family.
I am so excited. I heard from the adoptive mother this morning. She slept in the bed with them last night and watching TV this morning with their son. Could it get any better for her!



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