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I was discussing with our Vet about Flea and Heartworm topical treatment. We currently use Sentinal and Heart guard monthly for Lexi. He was not totally in favor of Revolution  because it was topical. In Florida Lexi will be in the pool, under the sprinklers, and bathed every week or two depending on what she gets in to. He felt that there were better products ( names escape me) available that will not be affected by bathing. Has anyone had any experience with this product?

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I have not had the problem with the product being affected by bathing, but Jack's specialist gave me a different reason why Revolution is not your best choice for flea and heartworm prevention besides the fact that it's topical: It doesn't do as good a job preventing either flea infestation or heartworm as the separate respective products do.
Revolution seems to be best used for dogs who already have some kind of minor parasite problem. But in your case, I would stick with the Heartgard for the heartworm prevention and maybe talk to the vet about an oral flea preventative if he doesn't think a topical is a good choice.
Honey had to be on Revolution twice a month because of the Sarcoptic mange, scabbies, and ear mites she had when I rescued her. I kept her on Revolution and didn't have any problems using this product, but she was not active with being around water, I did wait on bathing her a week after the Revolution was applied. Any topical for flea and tick has a waiting period with bathing. Revolution does not take care of ticks where Frontline and Vectra does, but than you need to add something like Interceptor or Heartgard (Hg Plus) for heartworm. The Vet we use offer's three choices...Interceptor, Heartgard Plus or Vectra, and it all comes down to personal choice.

Heartgard - came out first in the market so has a competitive edge. It comes in tablets or the chewable kind - problem with big dogs is that they often swallow the thing whole - no chewing - no good because the tablets need to be chewed to release the drug - so if you have one of these then you will have to break the chewable tablets up and feed it bit by bit or mix it in with the food. Collie and Sheltiebreeders steer clear of the stuff because for some reason they tend to get reactions to it.

Interceptor - came much later. Milbemycine is a different class of drug and the advantage is that on top of heartworm, it also controls hookworm, roundworm and whipworm - which is why when it came out into the market, Heartgard released Heartgard Plus (to tackle the gut worm issue too). Has side effects too if given at too high a dose. The drug is also used to treat demodex mites if a dog has demodecosis. There is no mention as to what happens if the tablet is swallowed whole - my dog's chew them up as a doggy candy, if your dog does not chew them, I would break the interceptor pill over their food.
The tablets are 'beef flavored' so if your dog is allergic to beef then it's not a good idea to use this product.
Thank you for your response, Lee
I am probably not reading this correctly but are you saying that you are giving sentinel AND heartguard monthly?
My question also.
I am in Louisiana and I currently use Sentinel and Frontline plus. Murphy is 3 and this is what I have used since he was a pup. I haven't checked on the newer products. I am curious if some products are better depending on the region you are in.
I am sorry, meant to say Heart Guard and Frontline plus
I don't know anything about Revolution, but a topical flea/tick product is fine if you put it on at least two days before or after a bath or exposure to swimming.



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