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I have been on DK for many years and made some incredible friendships along the way. Sometimes, people stop commenting and we lose track of them and wonder what happened. It is with a very heavy heart that I have to pass the word along that Ricki (of Ricki and Tara) died this morning. She had been ill for quite some time. When she told me that the doctors had not given her long to live, she asked me not to say anything and I have honored her wishes. Thankfully, before she died, her wonderful husband contacted me and dictated Ricki's thoughts to me. Ricki wanted to say goodbye to me and let me know I no longer had to keep her illness a secret. She also had this to say about DK, "Please let the DK'ers know how much I enjoyed their friendship, kindness and understanding as I traveled my Doodle journey with them."

So many people on here knew Ricki and knew her incredible sense of humor. She made me laugh many times with her quick wit and wicked sense of humor. Her dog, Tara, and her cat, Amber, were such joys in her life and many of us in the Photography group helped her get Tara a spot on the Doodle calendar and she was thrilled. We had many a laugh over discussions of Apple Cider Vinegar and that so many people didn't know if Tara was the dog or Ricki was the dog!  In one of her last emails to me, we were joking about Flat Laurie and she cracked up over a picture I sent her. I know Tara was a very good nurse for Ricki at the end and provided much comfort for her on her journey. I will miss her so much. Please say a prayer for her husband, Larry, and Tara and Amber. who loved her dearly and now must go on without her. 

Ricki asked her husband not to have a memorial service for her, but instead, if anyone wants to, she requested donations be sent to The Jackson County Animal Shelter, 5595 Pacific Hwy., Phoenix Oregon, 97535.  

It was just like Ricki to want to help animals in need. RIP my dear friend. 

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Please tell Donna hello from me and the boys and take pictures of her wonderful village.  I love the buildings and colors.  I hope you see a whale.

Nancy, I am just now reading this, but hopefully, Donna sees your "Hi!". We saw lots of whales, but sadly, I took very few pictures of anything. I find when I am messing with my camera, I miss the whales. 

Thanks for sharing this sad news, Laurie. I remember many posts and discussions involving you and Ricki and others that made me truly LOL. It warms my heart to know that her legacy will be to help shelter animals--what a generous soul. 

Thank you, Becka! We did used to have such fun on DK!

I did not know Ricki, either, and she apparently lived near me.  We are also in Southern Oregon.  I wonder if her husband would like to participate in a doodle romp if I get one arranged here in Southern Oregon.

Laurie, do you have a contact number or e-mail address for Larry?

Thank you, Lynda! I will contact Larry and see if he is interested!! 

I am so terribly sad to hear this. Ricki and Tara were an awesome part of DK when we first joined. Ricki was the one who passed on the HDA trophy to me. So sad to know that she is gone. 

Thanks, Donna! We sure did have some good times! I forgot about the HDA trophy. Good memories.

So sad to hear of Ricki's passing.  She certainly was a great doodle mom and I can remember years of reading her posts and replying to her often. Yes, Laurie, she had a great sense of humor.  It is rare that we need to say RIP to a doodle parent, and I will pray for her family. Tara will have a large void in her life now too.  

Thank you, Sue! She will be missed!



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