Rua gets groomed!

I have been working on grooming Rua for a while now.  Les Pouches brush, CC butter comb, clippers, grooming table, scissors, product, etc.  Well, when I put the house up for sale back in November, I moved the table out to the garage and stopped cutting her coat.

I would put her in the bathtub with me (no water) to brush her out, but didn't do it as often as I should have, what with all that was going on in my life.

Knowing we were going to be heading to California and my stuff was going to be in storage, and we were going to hit the beach for some Doodle romps, I brought her in to the groomers at her day care!

Here is the before - OMD is she one shaggy dog:



Here is mid-groom - she has eyes in there somewhere...her groomer is Crystal:



And finally:





She felt like velour. 




Here is Crystal (Rua's groomer), Dave (Rua's day care provider and photographer), and Amanda (friendly front desk person).

We will miss them all!









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  • Oh my goodness...before grooming, Rua looks just like Ginger!!!  Ginger is going for a groom tomorrow.  I am telling you, they are TWINS!

  • Rua looks really adorable (as always)!  She looks so soft!

  • Rua you are one adorable girl. Have fun in California, now you will be a beach doodle. Hugs and Kisses from Daisy and Lisa.

  • Rua looks beautiful before and after.  They did a great job grooming her.  So cute.

  • Rua looks so happy after her big groom!  Kinda like I do after I get out of the salon - hee hee - its a girl thing! 

  • OMD - Rua looks stunning!!!!

  • Rua is beautiful. She looks silky soft.

  • Rua looks great and I can see why you will miss your groomers and day care staff.

  • Aweee She looks like a little plush puppy!! So cute!!

  • Rua looks fantastic, Dori!! She's just so little and so cute!
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