I'm not an expert runner, nor am I very fast. I did a half marathon in March and want to start training again for another next April. We haven't even got our puppy yet and I know he won't be going out, having lots of exercise for quite a while yet as he grows but at some point in the future, whenever he is ready (if ever...), I love the idea of going running with him. Has anyone got any experience of running with a doodle? Mine is 3/4 golden doodle and 1/4 labradoodle. Maybe he is not the right dog at all to run with? I have no idea. I certainly didn't pick the type of dog for this reason however if doable/he likes it etc. I'd love to be able to run with him. 

Any thoughts or experience with this would be great. 

Many thanks.


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  • Goldens, labs and poodles are all hunting breeds so they are bred for an active lifestyle.  With any dog I think the most important is to wait until their growth plates are  closed and then increase the level of exercise gradually.  DH plans on running with our standard bernedoodle starting next Spring when she is almost 2 :)

  • Good to know that it's a possibility if Sonny is that way inclined in the future. Two years from a growth and devlopment perspective sounds like a good time to see if it's something which would work. I guess it also depends on the nature of the dog too? You'll have to keep us posted as to how it works out. I'd love to know. :)

  • While he's still young focus on proper leash walking.  My doodle loves when I run with him because it more his comfortable pace (I'm not fast).  But he knows the difference between walking & when on a run.  You'll have to monitor his distances as you increase your runs. 

    My Picco is now 8 yrs and I don't go past 5 miles with him especially when its hotter out.  Plus I'll have to carry more water!    You should be patient at the beginning of your runs since there seems to be alot of good peeing spots. Good time to work on interval training!

    • Thats brilliant advice. I'd love over time (taking it slowly and making sure his body is formed and adult, platelets fully formed etc). to get to a point where I can do a couple of midweek lunch time runs of around 3 - 5 miles. I only do longer runs on the weekend and now you've said it, I can understand the challenge with taking a dog on a longer run. All these things I'd never thought of! :)


      He may not like it at all though... we'll have to see 


      • I'm sure he'll like it!  I feel guilty going out alone on my long runs but it is freeing without the dog.   

  •  You do not say how big your doodle will be. Murphy is nearly two and forty pounds.  I would never think of running everyday for morethan a few blocks.  Roo and Tigger were 55 pounds fully grown and could have easily run a mile or maybe more. Labs and Poodles can swim for long time and run fast for short times or walk, sprint for two or three hours.  Extended daily or even several times a week would be hard on their joints, even more so than it is on yours. If your dog is going to be 50 pounds or more (lean!) I think at two you could start slow and work up to maybe two miles walk/ run? up to three times a week  Watch very carefully for sore pads and any sign of distress.  Always remember, dogs have to have serious pain to show it.  Showing pain makes them vulnerable to predators.   We all have great advice, but Please talk with your vet before you begin.

  • I originally got my first doodle thinking he'll be a great running partner when he was full grown. I waited until he was about 18 months and his body weight had not changed for several months.  I started with letting him set the pace and following his lead for breaks. Whenever i got a drink of water, so did he. I learned to feel the asphalt or cement for the count of 5 to be sure it wasn't too hot and always checked his paws when home. We had a lot of "breaks" for that first year. I'd say he never really found his sweet spot for running. But put him in a pool and he's in his element. 

    Then I got a second doodle who acts like she was born with a leash and perfect leash manners! So I gave her a try running, and she'd go all day if I let her!!! No breaks needed. But we do the same that I did with the first. Water, breaks, check surface area and then check paws. They will let you know if they like it or not. My first one still walks away when I pull out the leash and the second one comes running as tho we were doing a marathon !!! She however will not go into the pool.  :(

    • Wow Sue your dogs are beautiful! Lovely to hear your stories of running with your dogs. Lots to think about, drinking and the heat of the road (although we don't have so much of that here in North Yorkshire:)) pace setting etc. Will see how he grows up to see if he's inclined to it. I really hope he is :)

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