I can NOT believe this....TORI HAS FLEAS!!!! Oh My G_D!  What can I do... Of course my groomer is not there.. it's 7:00 on Sunday, and she's off tomorrow!  Is there anything I can do NOW to get rid of them???  I am so itchy and I fell nauseous!  Of course now that my laundry is all done, I have to start washing our bedding... will ordinary washing do?  She sleeps on a pillow on the floor in my room too!  OH BOY... can you tell I am DYING!  I know it's only bugs and there are worse things, but OMD!  THANKS!!!!!

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  • Shelly, I'm so sorry.  You must be going crazy!  We have never had fleas with any of our dogs, but here's something I found online that seemed to have a lot of good info...hope it helps.


  • Is she overrun with fleas or did you find one or two?  It makes a difference. A few fleas are not a big deal. For a couple of fleas put Frontline Plus or one of the other reputable topical flea products on and you don't need to sanitize your home, just vacuum with a fresh bag and then dispose of the bag.  You can tell if your home is infested by putting white socks on and walking around.  If no fleas jump on your white socks, you are not infested with fleas.  If lots of fleas, bathe Tori using flea soap then in 48 hours put the Frontline on.  You can bug bomb and it will kill lots of insects.
    • GREAT idea about the white socks.... I'm almost afraid.. but will do that while I vacuum my room!  Thanks!
  • OMD! I have no idea, but wanted to wish you good luck! I hope you get it all sorted out!
  • Oh Shelly-that's a real bummer! Hope it's under control and not a huge deal! Keep us posted!!! Hang in there Tori!
  • You guys are the best...so quick!  Actually my son found them.. he said no wonder why tori has scabs on her (I've now learned they are flea poop! Y.U.C.K!)... there's a spider on her.. when I looked it was fleas....not sure how many but a few!  I know I freak BAD over these things... I am SURE she got them from the groomer... she is NOT an outside dog at all - pees poops that's it.  DH just ran out to Target... the only place open to get a flea shampoo.  I will call the vet... hope they so't have to shave her down....going to vacuum my room now.. I threw out her pillow and blanket already... rather buy a new one... Of course I just did loads of laundry and layed them all on my bed .. but the last load was whites and I don't think I saw any on there... THANKS everyone....I never use Frontline b/c she is so darn sensitive to EVERYTHING... I will NOW!  Geesh... what a night I'm in for!
    • Shelly, You can get a pill from the vet (Capstar, I think) and it will kill all fleas on her asap. Also, do a search, I think putting 20 Mule Team Borox laundry soap on the carpet and then vacuuming it up helps.
  • shelly, I can only imagine how "creepy crawly" you must be feeling.  We haven't had to deal with fleas (still have my fingers crossed), but I am pretty sure I would freak out too!


    can dogs still get fleas even if you have them on a flea and tick topical?

  • http://www.cedarcidestore.com/cedarproducts.html hear is the website. I have not had fleas but I used this instead of Frontline. It works well. I had to use it on my girls when they came home from school with LICE. That was a NIGHTMARE! I ordered it and received it within 24 hours.  Good Luck Hope this info helps. I don't know how to send the web address as a link. SORRY I am computer challenged!!
  • Shelly, I'm so sorry you're going through this.....it sounds like you've gotten some very good advice.   I've never experienced this...so I have no input ..I hope you don't have an infestation (it doesn't sound like it ... WHEW!!!).    I'll bet you'll have it under control before you go to sleep tonight!!!!   
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