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I noticed my 16 month goldendoodle scooting for the first time on Thanksgiving. I did not notice her scoot again until Monday. Since then I have noticed her scooting once or twice a day (no scooting noticed on Wednesday though). She only does it for a short period of time. Everything otherwise is normal. She is eating, drinking, playing, and pooping normally. Stools are firm and could not see any visible worms. 

Any thoughts on what it could be? Is it most likely her anal glands causing her to scoot? Or something else?

I purchased some Glandex chews today to see if those might help relieve any irritation.


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Sounds like she could have an impacted anal gland. I'm not familiar with the chews, but if the scooting continues, she needs to see the vet.

I agree with Karen. Could very well be anal glands. Check with the vet.

We had a dog long ago that ended up having deformed anal glands. I am well acquainted with scooting. Yikes.

Another clue is a very bad odor in the bum area or generally all over if they are badly impacted.



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