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Last week, Oliver who is 11 had a seizure.  It lasted a minute or a bit over and then it took him about 10 minutes before he recognized me and was able to get back on his feet.  I brought him to the Vet later that day and he checked out fine neurologically and all of his bloodwork came back normal.  He did not get into anything or have anything that he has not had in the past 11 years.  He is on Frontline Plus and Heartguard and it was last given on August 1st and 2nd.

This is Oliver's second seizure, the first one occurred 3 years ago, 2 weeks after he had his first TPLO surgery.  Pretty much identical as the this recent one.  Same findings from the Vet.  I attributed it to one or a combination of the following:  Anxiety from being crated, penned, and restricted from activities (I also have Ivy who had full run of the house), or medication from the surgery.  He was on Trazadone, Carprophen and Gabapentin.  

Even though I probably will never have the answer as to why he had these 2 seizures,  I can't stop being concerned that he will have more.  Has anyone here ever experienced seizures being 3 or more years apart and any explanation or reoccurance? 


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  • Hi Nancy, we have a Seizure Disorder group here where you might find some info; it would definitely be the best place to find other members who are experienced with seizures in their dogs. As you may know, the DK website is unfortunately not very active any more. Here's the link:
    Seizure are pretty common in Poodles and in Poodle mixes, and they are usually idiopathic, particularly when they occur later in life. I had a Miniature Poodle who had only two of them, about a year apart, when she got older. It's doubtful you will find a cause, but if you want to pursue it, your best bet is always going to be a specialist over your regular GP vet. My Jack saw a Veterinary Neurology Specialist a few times and they really have much more experience & knowledge. 
    Hoping Oliver remains seizure free. 

    Seizure Disorders and Epilepsy
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    • Hi Karen..Thank you for your response.  I did scroll through the seizure group before posting and did not see anything similiar.  At this point I am not going to pursue a specialist, but definitely will if he shows any neurological symptoms or has another seizure in the near future.  The one issue he does have is gingervitis.  He has had 12 teeth pulled in the past 3 years and most likely will have to have another one.  I have an appointment with a Dental Specialist next week.  He needs  cleaning (which I typically have had done every 2 years) and his Vet referred me to a Specialst because of his gingervitis condition and another really bad back molar.  Other than that, he is very healthy and active for an 11 year old dog. When people see him romping and running, they are shocked when I tell them he is 11.  

      The seizures are very scary and I hate worrying about if it will happen again, but I guess I just have to wait and see. 

      • One thing I did learn in the seizure group was to place an ice pack on the small of their back during a seizure, it will help end it faster and cause less damage. 

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