I know this is probably a silly question.  We are getting an F1 mini goldendoodle. Even though it's supposed to be a 50/50 retriever/poodle split - I've read that it's impossible to have it exactly 50/50 - meaning you could have more poodle or more retriever dna.  My silly question - does this mean that in the same litter that one puppy may have more poodle dna and one may have more retriever dna?  And, does that mean that the curly coats have more poodle dna and the shaggy coats have more retriever dna?  I wasn't sure if shaggy coats have more a golden personality and if curly coats have more of a poodle personality?  Or if coat type means nothing other than the obvious difference of appearance.

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  • To answer your first question, yes. There can be many different coat types within the same litter. With that being said, coat type does not determine whether the dog will have more of a poodle vs golden personality.  The puppies could pick up traits from either parent to determine how they look and act.  Personality does not coincide with coat type. :-P  When are you getting your new goldendoodle? 

    • Thanks so much!  We have 2 weeks and 3 days until we get to pick up our baby.  We cannot wait.  Not that we are counting the days or anything.  :)

  • It's not that one puppy gets more poodle or golden dna than another; 50% of the genes are contributed by each parent, in every mammal, including humans. But which genes are expressed varies from one puppy to another. This is why your sister might have different color eyes than you, or be taller, or have curlier hair, even though you have the same parents. It works the same way in dogs that it does in humans. For each physical characteristic, there is a pair of genes, one from the mother, and one from the father. But those pairs of genes can differ in each offspring, and in each pair, one gene may have dominance over the other one. Which ones each puppy gets are completely random. So, yes, in the same litter, there can be puppies with very retriever-ish coats and puppies with very poodle-y coats, and puppies somewhere in between. Just like in the same family, there can be siblings with different hair textures. The puppies with the curlier coats don't have more poodle dna, but the poodle hair genes are the ones that happened to dominate the retriever hair genes in that particular dog. Some of the characteristics of the poodle coats have what is known genetically as incomplete dominance, which means that it is more likely that those characteristics will show up, but far, far from a guarantee And to answer another question that is often asked, it makes no difference at all which parent is the poodle and which is the Golden. Just like everyone doesn't inherit their hair texture from their father, lol. Some get their mom's hair and some get their dad's hair, just like dogs. 

    The coat type has absolutely nothing at all to do with the personality. The coat type is the coat type, and has no influence over any other characteristic.  

    • Well said Karen!!!! I have two Standard Goldendoodles. They both had Golden Retriever Moms and Standard Poodle Dads. My Female has more of the Golden Fur, my vet says her expressions remind her of her standard poodle dad. My male has more of the wavy coat and has such a Golden Retriever Personality, so you NEVER know!!! They are BOTH Fabulous and I love how there personalities are SO Different!!!! Enjoy your New Baby~
      • Thanks so much.  I agree both are great dogs and we can't wait to bring her home and shower her with love!

    • Wow  - thank you for your well worded and thought out answer.  I appreciate it.  It was just one of those questions that I didn't know the answer.  Both dogs are great, but I admit that I love goldens and have a special place in my heart for them.   That is very true - my brother and I have the same parents and look nothing alike.  I should have looked at that example before asking my question.  LOL

    • Thank you again for your answer Karen.  I know I sent a response, but cannot find it now.  I'm still learning the ins and outs of this site.  We are just very excited to get our puppy.  I feel like we are preparing for the arrival of a baby.  :)

    • what an awesome well said answer Karen

      My Cooper looks like a poodle, but had the lab personality! so you never know what your going to get! you will love your pup no matter what :)

  • When I purchased my Shea,I had four males to pick from.Two had big shaggy feet,a lot more hair on their feet than the others.Shea was more curlier than one.I lucked out.He is shaggy ,but has a little crimp in his  hair. Mya had real long hair and lots of foot hair.Shes a fuzz bucket. Aja has long hair on her back that reminds you of a Golden Ret. but still has the shag of a Doodle.  Go to my pics. and see them.... I live by a ladradoodle that only has a few wild hairs on his back and face. I did not want that look. He looks scared all the time.

    • Thank you so much Lynette.  I will definitely check out your pictures!  It is funny how the puppies can all look so different, isn't it.  Yet, they are all adorable.  This will be our first doodle and we couldn't be more excited to have her in the family.

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