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Rosie was spayed yesterday and is wearing a collar and will for ten days. I've read that some of you have not used the collar but a tee shirt. I just can't figure out how you would do that so she can't get to the incision. My experience with spaying goes back many years and they used to bandage the pups completely around their body. My guess is this isn't done now but rather leave it exposed to the air to aid with healing. So, would someone let me know how to put her in a tee shirt? Thanks everyone, this forum is so helpful.

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We didn't use anything, and she NEVER bothered her incision. Take it off and just see :)
Hi, I have tried using a t-shirt but that didn't work. Benny somehow always managed to reach the incision and take off the t-shirt. I have used the medical pet shirt, I have written a review on doodlekisses about it as well. It's kind of like a baby jumper and Benny accepted it right away. Of course he was licking at the spot where the incision was but he couldn't reach it because the pet shirt stayed in place. Maybe an option?
My Bodi had to wear a collar. We decided to take it off whenever possible - like when at least two of us were with him and we blocked the doorways so he had to stay in the same room with us. He pulled one stitch out at the vets, so we HAD to use the collar when he was alone. Of course, he didn't fit into the crate with the collar, so he didn't go in the crate for ten days. We were worried that that would cause another problem, but it didn't.

Good luck with Rosie. I'm not sure how the t-shirt works, but hope you can get an answer!
I just read through another thread about "lampshade" collars on this site and found there are inflatable collars as well as soft cones. Wouldn't you think the Vet would have alternatives. In any event, I called Petco and they have both in stock so I think I will head over there (hopefully the snow will let up a little) to check them out. Rosie just came hopping into my bedroom (I was making the bed not sleeping) with one of her front paws stuck through the collar - not good for a puppy who is supposed to be resting and quiet. I'll get the new collar but also give her some time off collar as well. I really felt badly last night when I heard her banging the collar off the sides of her kennel. Other than the collar she is making a remarkable recovery. Really hard keeping her quiet.
We had Rusty neutered yesterday and they put a size 17 plastic collar on him; he was still sleepy from the anesthetic last night and did pretty well in his crate. He let us know at midnight that he needed to go piddle and again at 2AM that he needed to go potty, which was difficult and somewhat painful. We have pain meds starting today for the next five days. He was able to lick the incision this morning as the collar was to short so we returned to the vet and they put a size 23 (which was the next size) and it is really long. I will check into the pants as he would be a lot more comfortable without the collar. So far he attempts to lick the incision when we remove the collar. We are also having trouble keeping him from jumping on/off the couch, chasing the cat, etc. The vet says no dog park for ten days, so it is going to be a lot of walks. Thankfully we live in Palm Desert and the weather is great for walking him.
Ned was almost 4 months and had no collar, disolving stitches. He did a minor amount of licking. There was just no problem. I was worried because we were camping during his "recuperation" and thought he might pick up germs or infection in the dog runs. We have had other male and female dogs and cats, and a collar was never used for any of them and none of them did that much chewing or licking. The oldest dog or cat we had neutered was 6 months. See how Rosie does.
We used backwards boys underwear. The tail pops out the hole, and it covered Coopers stitches very well. It was a godsend, because they didn't send a collar home (he wasn't bothering the stitches), but after about 12 hours they must have started itching, because he started going after them. We'd just take the underwear off of him to go outside. He looked RIDICULOUS...but it worked like a charm. Cooper was about 50# when he was neutered and we used a boys size Large briefs.
Hi Terri, good idea but it didn't work for Benny. We tried that as well when I had to wash the pet shirt, but he took off the undies within 10 minutes altough we used a t-shirt underneath it as well to double secure it.....
I bought the inflatable yesterday and put it on Rosie immediately and what a change in her disposition. Like she had been freed from torture. She had a peaceful night and is back to her normal playful self today. I did just notice that the collar is deflating some, I hope she hasn't bitten a hole in it but since she's sound asleep right now I'll have to check it out later. I would recommend this type collar to all those with upcoming spay or neutering. Thanks for all your help.
Well I did check it out and found she had chewed to top of the valve. So much for a $25 collar. I would still recommend it but be certain you put the valve facing down and not up the way I did. If I can't fix it I may still be able to stuff it with something soft. If not, she's going collarless.



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