• Yes, 4 months is too early for a coat change. But non-shedding dogs don't shed their puppy coats even when they go through the coat change. If he's shedding now, he's going to be a shedder. That's pretty common in doodles.

  • Elvis is adorable. Prepare to have a shedding dog if he's shedding now. The degree of shedding varies. 

  • Agreed with Karen and Nancy, sounds like your puppy is a shedder.  

    Riley started shedding from the day she came home, she sheds moderately as an adult but I give her a good undercoat rake about every 6 weeks because some of it gets caught in her top coat so she needs an occasional "de-fluffing".  :p   She has a thick Bernese undercoat which makes her almost impervious to the cold but she overheats really easily!

    Toby is a non-shedding dog, he's 6 months old and I don't think he's started his coat change yet (maybe a little bit, hair is getting coarser).  He doesn't shed AT ALL, even when I brush him I don't get much.  I get more in 1 swipe of the brush when I brush Riley then I get from Toby's entire body lol.

    • Toby's hair getting coarser might be the beginning of his coat change. That's all that happens in a non-shedding dog. The coat gradually starts getting coarser, wirier, and thicker, but none of it falls out. 

      • That's what I suspect, the texture on the hair on his back is completely different from that of his leg hair right now.  Back hair is curly and wiry, leg hair is mostly straight and still baby soft.

  • I asked his breeder and she said his mama shed a bit from about 4-6 months and that now she hardly sheds at all.  She said once in a blue moon she will find a little clump, but it never gets on her furniture or clothes.  I guess time will tell.  She said it was worse after a bath, and he did have a bath recently.  Time will tell I guess.  Shedder or not, we love him.  lol


    • A bath shouldn't have anything to do with it. I have a purebred Poodle, he doesn't shed after a bath or any other time either. And he never shed as a puppy. 
      Doodle breeders make a living from people believing that their dogs won't shed, and they are often not completely honest about it. It's a red flag when any doodle breeder tells you that any given puppy won't shed as an adult, because there is no way anyone can know that about a mixed breed dog when there is Retriever in the mix. The poodle's coat does not automatically cancel out the heavily shedding coats of the retrievers. 

      • Riley sheds more right after a bath but only if I use conditioner and brush her in the bath.  It helps to loosen things up and as she dries some of the loose hairs fall out.  

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