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I have an F1 golden doodle that’s 60 pounds pure love and still thinks he’s a lap dog he sheds a bit I find hair bunnies around his crate and sometimes on my black clothes depending on the material. I was thinking of keeping him long for the fall but don’t know if I want to deal with more dog hair or if I should just get a furminator or a rake for his fleecy coat and pray it stops most of the hair bunnies

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I personally think it's less annoying to have long dog hairs all over than little short dog hairs all over, lol. 

My Jack was a heavy shedder. I do think the shedding rakes help get a lot of the loose hair off, but the furminator did nothing for us and just left his coat looking choppy. 

It works really well for flat-coated doodles like Luna though.  She had a double coat and it did a good job during seasonal coat changes to get rid of the excess "fluff" layer underneath.

I wonder if my doodle has a double coat? He has a nice thick wavy coat its starting to matt a bit but nothing that can't be brushed out

With Luna she obviously had a 2 kinds of hairs - the longer top coat (was orange/apricot in most places) and an undercoat of very fine, shorter white hairs.  She actually changed colour a bit in the Winter and got lighter because the white undercoat got a lot thicker to keep her nice and toasty ;)

I agree, but he doesn't leave dog hair on our couches and stuff its more like he sheds dust bunnies if that makes any sense. That's what I was afraid the furminator would do is leave it all choppy he has some nice waves/curls and don't want to ruin to them. He goes to the groomer and I'm going to go ahead and cut him short one last time and see what tools she suggest to use that will be suit his coat type.

What can happen when you cut them short is that instead of dust bunnies, you have little fine hairs all over the floor, lol. If by "dust bunnies" you mean small clumps of hair, to me those are easier to pick up/clean up than the little hairs all over.

Luna definitely made "tumbleweeds" around the house which were pretty easy to spot and clean up.

She also left stray hairs everywhere, but not as bad as something like a short-haired cat.  I imagine dogs with really short, shedding coats shed like a giant cat lol.

As a former foster mom for German Shepherds, I can confirm that your imagination is right on target, lol. 

I have a 60 pound shedding doodle.  Clancy does NOT look good short - he has more of a golden build than a poodle build, so short just doesn't work for him. LOL.  We have fur bunnies AND loose hairs embedded everywhere. I mostly wear denim and light colors. I accidentally ordered a pair of black denim jeans on-line. IF I want to wear them, I put them on at the front door when I am leaving.  :-} My only consolation is that he shed's less than my daughter's lab. 

On the other hand, we had a lab/Australian Shepherd mix and we kept him really, really short and it really cut down on his shedding. So...... it just depends upon what you are willing to put up with.

The struggle is real! I think Shooter can do both long and short hair although honestly I prefer somewhere along the middle. Shedding isn't too bad compared to other dogs that's true it just drives me crazy seeing all these dust bunnies in the corner goes to show I need to clean more often lol. I'm thinking of keeping his body somewhat short and give him the traditional teddy bear face we'll see what the groomer says Friday

There are a few doodles around here who are clipped like that - I think it's pretty cute :)  Short body but fuller head/tail.  It seems to work out pretty well.




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