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I have an F1 golden doodle that’s 60 pounds pure love and still thinks he’s a lap dog he sheds a bit I find hair bunnies around his crate and sometimes on my black clothes depending on the material. I was thinking of keeping him long for the fall but don’t know if I want to deal with more dog hair or if I should just get a furminator or a rake for his fleecy coat and pray it stops most of the hair bunnies

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 Shooter looks good and still very doodly at that length. Is that short, long or in between in your eyes?  My shedding doodle has a totally different coat.

That's a little bit longer than short we actually had him cut shorter this summer it wasn't bad he still had a doodly face and I didn't have to worry about brushing and it was wonderful when it rained, but I love the longer length. I found picture I like so I'll probably just get him trimmed I can no longer see his face so we'll have to have that fixed too. He has waves/curls at the top with straighter hair on his legs its not hard to brush out at all i'll have a matt here and there




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