I know that all of our friends here will be as broken-hearted as I am to hear that our sweet Winston crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge this morning. 

He began bleeding internally and was in distress by the time the mobile vet arrived. He is now at peace. 

I am certain that he is with JD in Heaven, free of pain, chasing tennis balls and looking after each other.

Now, we need to look after his mom, and surround our dear friend Sherri (Sherri, Sophie, Winston & Kitty) with all of our DK love and compassion. 

Godspeed, Winston. Fly free at the Bridge, and please share some of those tennis balls with JD. You will live in your mom's heart, and in all of our hearts, forever. 


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  • Oh, my!  I am so sorry Sherri!  This has really been a difficult time here lately.  At least he can have JD keep him company. Rest in peace. 

  • I am so sad to hear this news.  Sherri, I'm sure your heart is broken, and I have no words that I think will bring you comfort right now.  Just know that you have lots of DK friends who really care about you and are here for you. 

  • Sherri, I am so sorry for your loss. I know how much you loved Winston. My thoughts are with you.

  • With a broken  heart, I read this today.   Thank you Winston, for bringing us to Sherri.  So many great posts with all the ups and downs during your adoption.  We really got to know Sherri well because of you! 

    Sometimes, when I would see your name, I imagined your voice and it spoke in French  :)   I can still hear it and that makes me chuckle. 

    Hugs and Tears to you, Sherri.  Thank you for sharing Winston with us all these years 

  • My heart cries for you - and tears from my eyes join your tears.  Eventually your heart will heal but there will always be a special  spot in it for Winston.  I am so sorry that you bear this now.

  • I’m so sorry for your loss, Sherri.  Winston has such a sweet contemplative expression in these pictures.  I hope your memories will give you comfort.

  • Oh, no!! Another fur baby gone? I am so sad to hear this--poor Winston and poor Sherri. Thank you for letting us know.

  • If anyone would like to send Sherri a condolence card or make a charitable donation in Winston's memory, please message me for her address.

    Donations can be made to these two very worthy local charities that Sherri  supports:

    The Farley Foundation helps low-income pet owners pay for vet care for their pets who might otherwise have to be surrendered or euthanized.

    The Ottawa Paw Pantry is the area’s first dedicated non-profit pet food resource and was established to help prevent the abandonment or surrender of animals when their families cannot afford to feed them.

  • What a sad, sudden ending. I hope memories of Winston and the good life you shared help you Sherri.

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