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I know that all of our friends here will be as broken-hearted as I am to hear that our sweet Winston crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge this morning. 

He began bleeding internally and was in distress by the time the mobile vet arrived. He is now at peace. 

I am certain that he is with JD in Heaven, free of pain, chasing tennis balls and looking after each other.

Now, we need to look after his mom, and surround our dear friend Sherri (Sherri, Sophie, Winston & Kitty) with all of our DK love and compassion. 

Godspeed, Winston. Fly free at the Bridge, and please share some of those tennis balls with JD. You will live in your mom's heart, and in all of our hearts, forever. 

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So very sorry for the sad loss of Winston. It is never easy to lose a family member, these four legged ones just attach themselves to our hearts. Hugs Sherri. 

Wow!  So sad.  My thoughts are with her and her loss at this time.

Hugs to you Sherri. We continue to send our best thoughts North to you.

I'm so sorry Sherri!  

I was so sad to here Winston crossed over the bridge. Though I am mostly away from DK I have many sweet memories of all of my fellow doodle owners here Sherri, Winston and Sophie being some of them.

Hugs to you Sherri, my prayers to you.

Oh no - I am so sorry Sherrie to hear about your sweet Winston.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.  

Oh no - I am so sorry Sherrie to hear about your sweet Winston.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.  

I found this completely rediculous photo of Winston last night. He hated that hat!

He may have hated the hat, but he looked adorable in it! 

I am so sorry to hear about Winston. Sherri saved him from a life of sadness and neglect and gave him a wonderful home and family. I send hugs and love from me and Sadie.

I am really upset to learn of this.  I am so very sorry, Sherri, just heartbroken. I hope Winston and Jack are together playing, and keeping each other occupied. 



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