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What a cutie!  I've seen several open faced doodles on this site.  They are charming.  Is she a goldendoodle or labradoodle?  Although she may shed, it looks like that coat will be easier to take care of.  Mine goes to the groomer tomorrow at a  7 week interval , and she should have gone last week!!!

Thanks so much! It is so interesting to see the open faced doodles and how they grow. She is a goldendoodle by the way. Definitely easy grooming!

Luna is an open faced mini goldendoodle.  I just scissor cut her tail, private areas, bum and chest/tummy.  I also have to comb out  her tail and bum and use a de-shedding tool (furminator) at seasonal coat changes.

I just groomed her yesterday and got a grocery bag full of hair just from her bum and tail lol.

Right now not a lot of shedding or grooming is happening;  her hair is fairly short and wavy. It will be interesting to see her coat change and maybe she will get some more long hairs like your Luna! 

She is absolutely adorable!  *I* could not resist that face. In my experience with primarily Australian Labradoodles (since 2005) I would say she is what is called a 'flat coat'. She may or may not get wavy over time but tell you what.....she is delicious!!!

Flat coat... that’s interesting! It does seem to fit her, however she seems to be gaining some waves from a coat change. I will definitely post pics as she grows for coat progression. Thanks for the insight!! 

She is a cutie. This could be a good discussion in the Where’s The Poodle In My Doodle group. Photos help people see that flat coated goldendoodles have similar traits. I love the ear set. How big is she now?

Such good photos of a black dog.  That is hard to do!  She is adorable  Her ears look golden.  Or is she a Labradoodle?

thank you so much Gwendolyn! She is a goldendoodle as far as I know. Currently 14 lbs and 8 months old

Agreed about great photos. My Truffle is very dark chocolate & I am forever moaning about how hard it is to get decent photos 

And she is so super CUTE!!!

Thank you! I’ve found taking pictures outside works the best. I also like using the “portrait mode” on my iphone. 

She's a tiny one at only 14 lbs at 8 months! Kona reached his full size at about 7 months old and 24 lbs. At 2 years old he gained a lot of weight with some medicine prednisone and has never lost it so he is actually 32 lbs now but for two years he was at 24 pounds. Miniatures tend to reach their full size and weight much younger than standards



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