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What size and what cost do you think my new doodle, Brody, will be!?!.... 

9 1/2 weeks old = 13.6 lbs 

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COAT!? Sorry. Auto-correct

I don't have an answer but I predict cuteness.

What a cutie! Not sure how your doodle will turn out, but at 8 weeks Teddy was 4 lbs and now, at 4 1/2 years old, he's 55 pounds (he probably should be 50 but you know how that goes!). Teddy had a similar coat too it looks like - a little bit wavy. I didn't find his coat to change that much from the puppy to adult stage. Maybe he got a little bit curlier. Good luck with yours - they're so fun!

I predict a wavy fleece coat... aka adorableness :)

Sounds like he's about the size Riley was when we brought her home - she was about 12 lbs at 8 weeks. 

Based on her estimate at 16w she should top out at 70 lbs (double the weight and add 10 for large breeds).

Right now she is 18w and about 37 lbs.  It's amazing how quickly these large breed pups grow!

at 8 weeks Brody was 11lbs. This could be a big boy! 

At 16 weeks double his weight and add or subtract about 5 pounds - that is only a guide. His coat looks like a lovely fleece. He may or may not shed.



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