Size estimate - Mini? Medium?

Hi everyone! We are close to needing to decide on whether to get a puppy from an upcoming litter of multigen goldendoodle puppies. Both parents are F1B, mom is 65lbs and dad is 25lbs. The breeder is estimating 35-45for adult weight but I'm so afraid they'll be bigger based on mom's size (also, the mom's parents are a large F1 and a large standard poodle). I was really hoping to stay under 40. Any feedback or experience here? Thanks!

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  • There is absolutely no way to predict the adult size of mixed breed puppies from parents with a large size difference until they are at least 4 months old. It is entirely possible that these pups could be over 45 lbs, even over 50 lbs, as adults. Size is dominant, and it is more likely that they will closer to the dam's size than to the sire's.  If that is important to you, I would take a pass on this litter. 

    • Agreed.  Especially when the dam and sire are of such different sizes.

      Luna was from a Golden female and mini poodle male, female (Golden) around 45 lbs, male (mini poodle) around 20 lbs.  Luna was about 38-40 lbs fully grown.

      Riley's parents were both supposedly around 65 lbs, she is heavier than both of them at about 75 lbs.  I think she got the extra height from the poodle side and the heavier musculature from the Bernese side combining to make a heavier dog.



  •  I'm also going to go out on a limb here and say that I think I know the breeder/litter you are considering, and if it's the one I'm thinking of, I would not buy any puppy from her. The dam's name begins with G and the sire's name begins with A? 

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