Hi everyone,

A friend of mine is a veterinary dermatologist. Her newsletter talks abt allergies. I thought I'd post a link for anyone who needs it. btw She's really good. She's in San Diego.,1_1769321_AEDci2IAABeSTt3NugJsOl1BTiE,1_1768344_ACzci2IAAJ7ETt2kdgOyhUfp70U,1_1767300_AFzci2IAAAZaTt2gfw8%2FoySrNz8,1_1766163_ACzci2IAAKcTTt2AxgRQzX%2BTZuE,1_1765128_AKbci2IAAI13Tt2AlAmME3akOjc,1_1764122_AEDci2IAAFVFTt1hFg1Vvx4Y%2BGw,1_1762905_AKbci2IAAIa7Tt1c%2FAx231grRrs,1_1761673_AFzci2IAADMcTt1bBAs07m4AB2M,1_1760457_AFzci2IAANJmTt1FPQ0QmjI%2BaiQ,1_1759388_AEDci2IAAPh8Tt0%2FVAyhgn7mLTk,&sort=date&order=down&startMid=0&hash=f6891f014e2cc0e3c5d08a99a82f13b5&.jsrand=7701087

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  • Joy, we can't view the link (or I cannot!).  Can you please check it? I think this might be useful for our doodles with allergies!

    • Hi I apologize to all who posted & emailed me privately. If I cut & paste I don't think U can open the video & ;that would double the frustration. So I've contacted the clinic & asked them to contact Adina to properly post the info. It should be properly posted by the experts soon. PUppy love from JOy & Furry folk

  • The link did not work for me either.

  • It looks like this is the url to your email.  You'll need to copy and paste the info here as we can't look into your email with a link.  
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