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Hi everyone,

A friend of mine is a veterinary dermatologist. Her newsletter talks abt allergies. I thought I'd post a link for anyone who needs it. btw She's really good. She's in San Diego.

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Joy, we can't view the link (or I cannot!).  Can you please check it? I think this might be useful for our doodles with allergies!

Hi I apologize to all who posted & emailed me privately. If I cut & paste I don't think U can open the video & ;that would double the frustration. So I've contacted the clinic & asked them to contact Adina to properly post the info. It should be properly posted by the experts soon. PUppy love from JOy & Furry folk

The link did not work for me either.

It looks like this is the url to your email.  You'll need to copy and paste the info here as we can't look into your email with a link.  



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