We haven’t checked in on the Forum for some time, so our question may have already been discussed.  Over the past few years, red bumps/growths have started to appear on our Gracie—she will be 11 in March.  She licks the ones she can get to and we feel so bad for her.  She might go a day or two without licking, then start again. We finally had our vet remove several of them that seemed to bother her the most.  Our vet said that Poodles/Doodles were prone to getting growths like this.  We’re wondering if any of you have experienced the same thing with your Labradoodle/Goldendoodle?  If so, have you treated them with anything that seems to stop the itching/irritation?

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Gracie is a multi-generational Australian Labradoodle

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  • Did your vet biopsy them or otherwise tell you what they were? Dogs tend to get lipomas as they age, but I've never noticed my dogs licking at them. I wonder if you have something different going on. Allergies, maybe? I don't know - that's just a thought. 

    • Lipomas aren't red, either, unless the redness was caused by the dog licking them.

      • My childhood Bichon had a ton of skin growths (I'm not sure if they were lipomas, looked more like giant skin tags) in her last few years and did lick at them sometimes.  They would get red and raw if she fussed over them too much.  My mom tried to discourage the licking as much as possible but she did have to have a few removed because they just wouldn't heal up.

  • Did your vet give you a diagnosis? A name for the growths or the condition? I find it odd that he/she would say that Poodles/doodles are prone to something and not name what that thing is. 
    I've lived with Poodles and doodles for 62 years and have never heard of anything like what you are describing. I've had dogs with allergies, lipomas, and cysts (mostly the mixes, my purebred Poodles never had any health issues) but nothing that sounds like this. Older dogs do get odd skin growths. If I knew the name of it, I might be able to find some information for you. How large are the bumps? What parts of the body are they on? What did the pathology say for the ones that were removed? 
    Don't forget that there are also several other breeds in the ALD lines, most prominenetly Cocker Spaniel. And keep in mind that vets don't study dog breeds in vet school, and definitely don't study mixed breeds, lol.

  • Sorry I didn’t give the name of the bumps.  The diagnosis of the bumps is Sebaceous Adnoma.   Benign tumor of sebaceous glands, often wrongly called a wart. Very common in Poodles, Maltese, Bichons and their crosses. Treatment: most sebaceous adenomas never cause problems, but any that are ulcerated or being licked need removal.  We had some of Gracie’s removed because she was licking them.  As mentioned in my original comments, I was curious if other doodles had growth’s like this. 


    • I've been a member here for more than 12 years, and I'm an admin of the Health Group, and I have never heard of this before. There is a genetic disease called Sebaceous Adenitis that runs in Standard Poodles, but it's nothing like what you are describing. 
      I did a little research. Here is some information about sebaceous adenomas. Apparently, they are very common in Cocker Spaniels, too, which makes sense since ALDs are mostly Poodle and Cocker. 
      I don't think we have had any other members' dogs have this, at least not that was posted about. We have had doodles with viral papillomas, which look similar to these, though. 

      Sebaceous Adenoma in Tacoma, WA - Dermatology Clinic for Animals
      Also known as: Nodular sebaceous hyperplasia Transmission or cause: A benign tumor of the oil gland (sebaceous) cells of the skin. Although these tum…
      • Luna had a viral papilloma in her ear flap which apparently is extremely unlikely since they are usually in the mouth.  The vet's best guess was a dog nicked her ear at the dog park and that's how it got there.  It eventually dropped off on its own.

      • Also - those are definitely what our Bichon had (sebaceous adenomas).  They looked exactly like the thumbnail picture for the link you posted.

  • Thank you, Karen.  I apprecaite you taking the time to send this link.  Regards, Renee

    • I had a Cockerpoo that had some type of growths which resembled somewhat like a pimple, I think it was called a sebaceous cyst.  They would break or ooz a white thick cottage cheese like liquid.  She has a few of them and if they were in areas she could reach, she would sometime scratch at them causing them to break.  She did not bother with them on a regular basis so vet said to just leave them alone unless they seem to bother or become infected.  


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