• Anyone know what this is? Skin reaction? Scrape? He drinks a lot of water and his beard is always wet. 

  • I'm not sure. Could it be a bug bite or bee sting? 
    Jackdoodle once had a small infection on the side of his lower lip that looked kind of like that. It's an area that is prone to yeasts because of the beards picking up food particles and holding moisture. 

    • I wouldn't know if it were a bug bite. Not a bee because he would have yelped I think. 

  • Thank you! It's not my dog. I'm boarding him. But the owner probably will. 

  • I would say he was rubbing his chin on something and abrased it.  One of my dogs likes to rub his face on the rug and sometimes is quite vigorous in his rubbing.  But probably worth checking out.

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