Sleep Regression


We have seemed to have gone backwards in the sleep department.  

We put her in the crate somewhere in between 9:30-10pm.  She has been all over the place and not consistent.  Some nights she sleeps all the way till 5:45.  Some nights she is barking every 2 hours.  Sometimes when I go to her she pees.  Sometimes she doesn't want to.  Do I let her bark it out?  I don't have an option of having her crate in my room as it is the tiniest room ever!  I am being consistent with what I do when she barks.  I give it a few mins, take her out back to potty, don't engage, put her back in.  I just ordered a sleepy dog thing with heart beat.  I am feeling very desperate for some sleep!   

I do notice that she seems thirsty.  I take the water away at 8pm.  Should I maybe be keeping it out longer?

She is almost 11 weeks old.  We did so much better when she first got home!


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  • Hello,

    we too have night time issues with our 12 week old mini golden doodle, so I feel your pain and frustration! 
    I am doing the same things you are in terms of consistency and she will bark for upward of 2 hours. I recently bought ear plugs and hat has helped me immensely! Lol

    any advice is welcomed for me too!!

  • Forgot to include that we have the heartbeat puppy and it has helped and we've tried the advaril puppy collar which have both helped a little.

    • Thanks!  We have the heartbeat puppy on the way!

  • Our 12-week-old Bernedoodle has been doing very well at night since we made the effort to actually wear him down in the evenings.  We found that if we let him do his own thing in the evenings, he was taking long naps in between short bouts of play.  Once we had a play session about 30 minutes before bedtime he started sleeping through the night.  

    He also sleeps better if I throw one of my "dirty" t-shirts in his kennel.

  • Gosh, I didn't even answer some of your questions posted.  Back in the day when I had a smaller place, I turned a puppy's kennel into my bedside table by putting a piece of plywood on top so that I could both keep the pup close AND have a bedside table.  If that is an option, bringing the puppy closer will relieve some anxiety and maybe help her feel more comfortable.  

    I allow my dog to drink until 30 minutes before I go to bed because water goes thru him PRETTY quickly (watch your pup to determine how quickly she pees after drinking.)  6 out of 7 nights Walter sleeps from 10:00 - 5:00 but I normally get up that early.  If he does wake up to potty, it is usually only once and he goes right back to sleep.  However, if you noticed my previous reply, I make the effort to wear him down before bedtime.  Before I started doing that I would hold and cuddle him while watching TV instead of a bit of play. Before we started playtime, it was inevitable that he would cry about 10 minutes after I fell asleep.

    • All really helpful!  Thank you!

      Unfortunately I don't even have a bedside table because it is such a small room!!!  And we are about to transition her to the bigger crate.  Last night was a lot better and I think it is because she got some play time right before bed!

  • I agree about playtime before bed.  Initially I was trying to have them (yes them! Stupid me thought 2 babies at once was best) calm down before bed and relax, like winding down a baby.  Nope that does not work, now we play pretty hard before bedtime.  Lots of fetch and running.  It is working well and they are much happier. :)

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