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Noah sometimes sleeps with his eyes partially open. It's super creepy looking and you can only see the whites of his eyes. It's like he's too tired to actually close his eyes all the way.

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Oh My GOSH! Yes! Tori does this a lot. I actually have a couple of pictures on my page showing her "spooky sleep eyes" LOL
Our Willow does that, but more so with them totally open. It's very weird, I go over to watch her and she's out for the count!~
My Springer does this also and they have big eyes that get red - really creepy!
Darwin does this all the time as well. You can only tell if he is sleeping on his back though, otherwise his hair covers his eyes and you can't see anything... he he.
Jack's eyes are rarely completely closed when he's sleeping. But I don't think he's ever really soundly asleep when I'm awake.
I've never noticed Timbow doing this, but it sounds creepy. I would definitely shut his eyes for him. lol
Lilly sleeps with her eyes partially open too. The only time I think they are shut are at night. I tried and tried to get a picture of her sleeping and as soon as I make one move her eyes are wide open.
My Gavin almost always sleeps with his eyes open. I thought it was just him! Go firgure!



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