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Just got back from a Super Sniffer workshop that I gave in Va and had several Doodles in there. They did really well learning skills to become detector dogs of various kinds.  I was curious to hear from other doodle owners if they are doing any detector work with their doodles?  Debby Kay


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  • I don't know, but I am so curious because I am in the middle of trying to find a program for Jack to learn to sniff out things that I am allergic to. I would love to know what others are doing. I am talking to his trainer tomorrow afternoon.
  • I did a class with Guinness, and it was really fun.  I wasn't trying to train him to sniff any particular scent....just to use his nose.  My trainer sent away for scents (oils) that we put on small pieces of cloth, and that is what he detected.  He started out finding the scent hidden among several boxes, and by the end we were able to hide the scent throughout the training facility and he'd find it.  It was a great class...but for us it was only for fun.  There were others who were training their dog to detect specific items that would cause allergies in their family.
  • It's interesting that you posted this today.........My comment might be a bit off topic, but my coworker just recently returned to work after battling cancer since the summer.  She was telling me some of the things she learned about the disease and how they have most recently begun using dogs to "sniff out" cancer and parts of the body that are actually affected by it.  (I don't know if they actually "smell" cancer, or just sense its presence but I found this really interesting.)  I'm so completely amazed at what these dogs can do!
  • Would love to hear more about this. I am not sure how good Murphy's sniffer is....unless cheese is involved.
  • I do tracking and nose work with one of my dogs for fun. She has an excellent nose and loves to work for food. I think you can train your dog to sniff out anything if he/she is motivated. Lilo quickly learned to sniff human tracks, various types of food, cell phones, and different odors like anise and birch. She loves this kind of scent work and it totally wears her out. I highly recommend it - I started because she was chasing animals (deer, squirrels, bears... anything) and I needed to redirect her desire to follow scents into some safer pursuits. She is a hapy happy dog when we go scenting. She is truly in her element.
  • I have also heard that some dogs have a gift for sensing diseases.  A friends father was visiting from ireland and her dog kept repeatedly licking and smelling her fathers knee.  A year later her father called her from Ireland and he told her he had bone cancer in his knee.  True story. 
    • That is amazing. 


      Has anyone watched the dog special on Animal Planet - I think called "man's best friend"?  They went into detail about how much a dog can smell. They compared humans to dogs:  our sense for smell is like the size of dime; a dog's is the size of a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper! 

  • I was just reading the modern dog magazine and there is a course of truffle hunting both the northamerican truffle and the overseas truffle. There are limited numbers and this is the first event of this sort in North America. You may want to check it out. Neely has a great nose and we don't play with him as much as we should. He does do hide and seek very well with kids though!
  • I have been wanting to put my doodle in sniffer training, but I live where there is nothing close.

    Does anyone know of any good books available to learn how to teach your dog to sniff?


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