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Hi there, my Doodle loves to make snow angels and play in the snow for hours. How am I going to keep my house semi-dry this winter? Every time he comes in the house, it takes about 15 minutes for me to remove the snowballs that hang from his body.

Any ideas? Will a comb remove them quickly?


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put him in his crate with a few dry towels, let him dry naturally... if you try to towel dry you will ruffle his coat and he will mat up.

I usually throw sheets and towels on my floor.
I used pretty much the same philosophy last winter! It was pretty trying in the beginning thinking that I could keep the house looking nice, and have 2 doodles in the winter ...... I finally just gave up. I spread a pathway of beach towels from the door to their room. If they had a lot of snowballs on their feet I would dip each foot in some warm water and just squeeze it dry and then send them on down the beach towel path to their room where I had just spread out some old blankets on the floor. After they dried out I could brush them a little and let them back out into the rest of the house.
Check two websites....UsedOttawa and Kijiji. You can find stuff at good prices.
We just bought a large crate at Walmart for $69. also try craigslist in your area..
A good rub with a towel & the heat of your hands will help, too.
The snowballs were so bad yesterday that the only thing that worked was the tub of warm water.
I take my dogs into the shower and hose them off with warm water. They are so used to it by now that they head straight for the shower when they come in dirty. Like others, I have a path of towels from the patio door to the bathroom; luckily it's not very far. We have removed the shower doors so it's easier to get the dogs in/out and wash them off, and have connected a long hose to the shower head. Works well, and it's being used many times/day at the moment.
If you haven't spent a Spring with Brody yet, you ain't seen nothin' . Wait until the snow melts and you have to deal with mud instead. Talk about "intense". You'll long for the snowballs!
I don't think I have ever said "OMG" so many times as the first time I saw Jack's gigantic doodle feet at the back door, covered in mud. But at least you can use a hose for that.
I have 2 snow covered doodles running in and out of the house all day. There's no point in cleaning them off because they just go back out. My house is wet everywhere. How do you deal with that?
Keep in mind that I live in Oklahoma and we get maaaaaybe a foot at a time of snow.

I got out and shovel off a spot of grass where they can do their business. I let them have one good romp in the snow, then take them into a lukewarm bath, melt the snow, dry them and comb them out. After that, they are only allowed in the shoveled off area and only go out to do their business. There's plenty of fun to be had in the house, and I don't want my carpet smelling like wet dog all winter.

Call me the Grinch if you want. :) I let them get it out of their system once, then it's over. :)
I agree with Karen's comment...I am loving the snow b/c it is so much better than mud and dirt! I haven't had to wash piper every time he comes in from outside!



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