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Sorry it’s rather tmi but I’m a first time puppy owner and a little worried.

We’ve had our 9 week old puppy a week ago. There was basically no advice from feeding from the breeder who basically put out a jug for 11 pups and just fed more if they seemed hungry. We had to play a bit of a guessing game and I feel awful but I think for the first 3/4 days we may have been underfeeding. In the garden she kept trying to eat stokes, grass, dirt everything. Wednesday I thought she swallowed a stone, called vet who said to keep an eye and see if it passed which it did. We also upped her food and the obsessive eating in the garden has stopped since then.

However, now these last 2 days her stools have been soft. Not diarrhoea but soft. Could this simply be her body getting used to the increase in food? Not sure if increasing food would do that or not...

I know that no one can tell me for sure but she’s otherwise in good form. Sleeps fine, doesn’t seem sore or uncomfortable, active, eats and drinks fine. We do have a nutrition consultation with the Vetinary nurse on Monday and if it’s not improved I’ll bring it up then but I thought I would seek out some advice in the meantime just to see if it could simply be the food or not...

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A lot of doodle puppies come home from the breeder with giardia. You really need to have a fecal done, ASAP. Forget the nutrition consultation (not sure what that is anyway), because if she has parasites, no food is going to make a difference. We have a lot of discussions here about giardia, if you do a search in the Health Group, the Food Group, or here in the main forum, you'll find them. 

If your pup tests positive for giardia, ask the vet for Panacur, NOT metronidazole (Flagyl). Insist on Panacur. 

It's odd that a breeder wouldn;t tell you what kind of food the pups are eating, as you usually want to keep them on it for a couple of weeks to minimize digestive upsets. We have a large active group here, The Food Group, with a list of recommended Food brands and lots and lots of advice about choosing a food. If the fecal turns our negative, we can help you with that. But the first thing you need to do is rule out giardia or coccidia. 

Sorry didn’t make that clear enough... she told us what food and gave us a bag but no charity on how much was being fed.

thank you, I’ll call the vet again.

Most foods have feeding amounts listed on the bag. But I'm glad you got that straightened out. 

Is literally the back of the it was the range that confused me. Wasn’t sure where to begin. I know, I feel really stupid asking these things.


That makes me realize that you're not in America, lol.

Typically, if a food is not a puppy food but rather what we call an "all-life stages" or ALS food, it will say that you need to feed more of it, sometimes as much as twice as much, for puppies. I only know how to calculate that in lbs and oz though. When there is a weight range and then a range of feeding amts, I try to match those up, but the only way I can give you an example would be by pounds and cups, lol. 

Ah yeah I’m one of those rare members not in America! That’s a puppy food which says to feed their expected adult size. To be fair I wouldn’t usually work in g and kg either. I keep googling conversions to pounds but cups is beyond me!

Since Panacur may have a different brand name in your part of the world, if your pup does test positive for giardia, you want to ask for fenbendazole. That's the generic name for the active ingredient in Panacur. What you do not want is metronidazole. 

We still have panacur here, checked after your first message

Oh good. 

Thanks for your help

You're very welcome, and welcome to DK! 

Thank you :)

Pup is fine, negative for giardia and stools have firmed up. Vet says it may have been something she had eaten that she shouldn't have, food increase no or just nerves from a new home.



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