Please offer your advice.  Sophie is now 6 months old.  For the first few weeks of getting her, I hand fed her.  Every now and then I will touch her back or put my hands into her bowl while she is eating to test her.  A few weeks ago, she made a growling sound and I was upset.  I took the bowl away and made her eat the rest of the food out of my hands  I again made her eat out of my hands for the next week.

This morning - I pet her back while she was eating and she made a much louder growl (she does not turn around and look at me), but I do not like to hear her growl.  I took away her food and put it on the counter for a few minutes.  I gave it back and she looked at me hesitantly as if to say 'is it ok it I eat?'  I thought ok good, she sees that she upset me and she will take her food much more nicely now.  Nope, I pet her back and she growled again.

Is there any advice you can offer?  Am I correct to take her food away and then hand feed her?  

Thank you,


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